Issue 40.2

Surreal image in blue of a car on a road | Art by Ana Prundaru

Sleep Theory by Ana Prundaru


New Alchemy Contest Winner

“Sand Wildflowers” by Michelle Acker



“Ladies-in-Waiting” by Daniella Napolitano
“Sleep Theory”   and “What the Aquarium Reveals” by Ana Prundaru
“Undulations” by Jury S. Judge
“New Mexico 19” by Jim Zola



“3 Pantone Poems” by L Swartz
“Chants d’Auvergne” by Sophia Starmack
“Dimensions” and “Window to the Aviary” by Bennett Nieberg  *New Alchemy Contest Finalist*
“Edward Simms, Inventor of the Chair” by Sean W. Murphy  *New Alchemy Contest Finalist*
“Miriam Kutner” by Liz Marlow *New Alchemy Contest Finalist*
“Winterberry” by Lisa DesRochers-Short  *New Alchemy Contest Finalist*



“Aria” by Burnside Soleil
“Big Friendly Summer” by Seth Copeland
“Crescent Park Cruising Grounds Where Piety Ends” by Spencer Silverthorne
“From a blanket on a hill in West Virginia,” “After a difficult conversation, a walk,” and “Comparatively Speaking” by Jake Maynard
“Hindsight Horoscope Hulled from a Bank Statement” by Corey Oglesby
“Jesus’ Legs” by Charles W Brice
“Self-Portrait as Sister” by Gabrielle Montesanti
“Went to Tennessee” by Caroline Wilkinson



“#theprocedure” by Jeanne Althouse
“Clowning Around” by Michelle Cacho-Negrete
“Maladaption” by Hilary Biehl
“Modern Cosmology” by William Auten
“Velma is the First to Leave,” “Velma Goes Away to a Small College Where No One Knows Her Name,” and “Velma Learns to Love the Woods” by Emily Capettini
“What the Lonely Know” by Kami Westhoff



“Let the Stricken Deer Go Weep” by Leslie Jenike
“Punching Mr. Tedesco” by Tara Roeder
“Winter Theatre” by Erika Staiger