The List

by Tanner Pruitt

When you came out of the bathroom your wings
were on wrong, so I asked where you got those wings.
Who’s asking, you asked, and then jumped your big
feet up on the couch and said louder, Who are you
to ask me where I got these wings? Then people
started turning around, and the loner in the corner
looked at the two of us and said, That’s on the level of
your silo just fell on your barn, which I think means we
looked like we’d been fighting. I said I’m just asking where
they came from, and you said, Don’t, so that night wings
were added to the slapdash list of things we agreed
not to ask about, like What unsavory thing do you mean
by stomach problems this time? and What are you
listening to on your earbuds, right now, in your ears?