Issue 44.1

Image of a mural painted over the remains of a wall in an abandoned building in the woods | Photo by Sage Cruser

Greenville, California: 2021 by Sage Cruser



The Argument as Overheard by Gertrude Stein – Mark Crimmins

Split Lip – J Saler Drees

EF-3 – Charles Malone

À la Carte Blanche – Zach Powers

The Log – Keigh Ahr

The Trees They Grow So High – Jacqueline Vogtman



Textual Healing – Jack Bastock

Another Apocalypse Poem, Take 22 & Another Apocalypse Poem, Take 28 – Christien Gholson

He bought us a farmhouse in the country & That Snake – Jenny Bartoy

Perennial Resurrection – Anne McGrath

Philia, Agape – Terese Robison

Five Dances – Fred Shaw

Google Maps Searching My Childhood: The Orange Blossom House – Maggie Wolff

Cutting Edge – Jacqueline Doyle



Because My Mother Told Me to Pray About It – Shannon Ashley

My Mother Worked on a Salmon Barge in Homer, Alaska – Aiden Baker

Arsonist Song – John Wall Barger

Self-Portrait as Driver – Jeffrey Bean

This is how magic works, right? – Hayley Bowen

Aubade with Need to be Picked Clean & Swallowing – Savannah Bradley

One Big Star Heart – Eli Coyle

Chronophobia – Laura Z. Fairgrieve

Sappho: A Voice & Otherwise Engaged – Katherine Gaffney

Heatwave Cooks Mussels in Their Shells on California Shore – Benjamin Gucciardi

Something Old, Something New – Claire Scott

Aubade II – Emily Standlee

On Want & Mountains Are Born and So Are We – Adam D. Weeks

The Complaint of my Grandpa’s John Deere Hat – David Eileen Winn



How to not drive cross country – Carmen Catena

Beautiful Dreamers – Mindy Lewis

Waiting for the End – Angela Mackintosh

Sorrow’s Delicacy – Matthew Meduri

The Boucherie – Gina Warren

Basalt – Katie Duane



Greenville, California: 2021 – Sage Cruser

Una Tarde de Domingo – Hector Ledesma

Summer in Marlow – Danielle O’Hanlon

Spoon, Tools of Vulnerability Series, Mixed media sculpture 2020 – Sarah Walko