by Leila Ortiz

In this poem I’m exquisite,
crushed ice inside a glass, like,
I’m fluent in Spanish and dance,
I go weeks without feeling sad. I dip
into a split no problem, my heart
is a roller rink with blinking lights,
my teeth are always clean and bright. I never
say like except when necessary, like
I kill it intellectually. I’m a fucking star.
I’m always up for socializing,
really. I don’t hate myself or feel
awkward. I know all of my gifts.
Take you for instance, I can tell
you really love me, and like, I never
feel abandoned or worried or can’t sleep
or wake up cranky. My diet is stupendous:
kale and broccoli and water and shit.
My womb is super hopeful to be
a woman, to have a vagina and never
get raped, like, I’m fucking unbreakable.