Issue 43.2

Permafrost Issue 43.2 Cover Art based on the image Catalog of Sorrows by Nadia Arioli

Catalog of Sorrows by Nadia Arioli


Here at Permafrost, we grappled with the art of seclusion, not realizing how deeply isolation would creep into all of our lives. Now, our latest online issue of Permafrost arrives with the new sunshine and lengthening days in Fairbanks, Alaska. Coming into a hopeful spring, we bring you a group of deeply reflective, wonderful pieces which blur the boundaries of genre and form to capture the essence of these strange years we've shared. These pieces--we hope--find you still learning, still dreaming, and blooming anew. Welcome to Permafrost Issue 43.2: the Catalog of Sorrows.




Catalogue of Sorrows #6 – Nadia Arioli (Cover Art)

“Like the best art,” (Whitehead 79) – Gina Moriarty

12 Ways of Looking at a Sunflower – Brianna Pike

The Boy Who Invented Me – Ann Russell

Still Dreaming & Elsewhere – Michelle Askin

Veneration – Shannon Bowring

Baby, Where Am I & If You Bury a Woman Let Her Have Her Tongue – E. Kristin Anderson



Swimming Lessons – Christen Kauffman

Fox Squirrel – Harli James

Dear Pygmalion & Dear Galatea – Danielle Cadena Deulen

Your Rapist Trends on Twitter – Danielle Shorr

Regresa – Mehrul Bari S. Chowdhury

Deer: A Pathology – Rebecca Valley



Cigarette – Cynthia Atkins

Lost and Found – E.H. Jacobs

February 8th & April 16th – Ann Pedone

The Climbing – Michael Brosnan

[Voicemails in Slow Dissociation] – Judy Xie

After Sappho – Charles Gabel



Cantor Rose – Federico Federici

From a North American Field Guide Bought for a Birthday Never Give: Rodentia – Emma DePanise

As the West Coast Burns – Hannah Dierdorff



Duo – David Swartz

Kith – Anne Duncan

Masters of Sex – Robert Long Foreman

The Dis(re)membering – Maren Loveland

Inside the Lines & Ersatz Lamplighter – Weston Cutter

Loop – Imitaj Alom

Labor – Kevin O’Connor



Four Poems – Andrew Robin

At the Top of the Nowhere Staircase – Emmy Newman

Hazy – Sara Greenslit

Shadowtalk – Thad DeVassie

After 3 Days – Jonathan Greenhause

Felt – Robert Jackson

The Mayor of Buckfield – Nicholas Plasmati