Students enjoying Philosophy class in Gruening buidling on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus.

Why study philosophy at UAF?

The program is committed to excellent teaching in philosophy. Our courses are designed to show students how to think clearly and logically about any philosophical problem, covering both theoretical and applied areas. Our faculty have diverse teaching and research interests, which include philosophy of science and technology, philosophy of biology and evolutionary theory, experimental philosophy, philosophy of mind, history of philosophy, and applied ethics (including biomedical and research ethics, as well as environmental, business, and internet ethics).

The skills that our philosophy courses impart are valuable for a wide range of careers: business, law, politics, education, writing, research analysis, and academia, among others. To get an idea of just some of the possibilities, see the American Philosophical Association's article "Who Studies Philosophy?" or just ask one of our graduates.

The program offers a minor in philosophy, introductory philosophy courses, core curriculum classes in ethics and humanities, a broad range of upper and lower-division elective courses, cross-listed and interdisciplinary courses, and classes for graduate credit. We welcome opportunities for collaboration across the university and beyond.