Issue 35.2

Summer 2013


brightly colored painting by Ferryn Nowatzki

Untitled by Ferryn Nowatzki



Caroline Tanski -  Botany As Desire and Fertilizer
Kathleen Weaver - Deer
Ann Hostetler - Ode to the Dash and Suzanne Valadon Poses for Renoir
Andrew Payton - December 1861
Ruth Baumann - Missing Persons Report II, In Which Rapunzel Pursues a Talkless Therapy and Rapunzel, Three Months after Her Escape
Dan Pinkerton - My Encounter with the Sage



Jacqueline Kolosov - Boundaries, Bodies, Breath
Christopher Morgan - Dredging the Pits
JL Bogenschneider - Future Tastemakers of the Future



Ferryn Nowatzki - Untitled