“Written from the Passenger’s Seat of a ‘98 Chevy at Dusk in July”

by Nick Olah

this is all I know:  

my hand is on your thigh
as you floor it for the state line;  

our bodies worn, eyes weary,
highway weathered.  

we are turning our hometown into
a ghost, letting its lights lead us  

out like a conscious clearing of the throat—
something intentional that feels like
a precursor to something else.

About the Author

Nicholas Olah has self-published three poetry collections, Where Light Separates from Dark, Which Way is North and Seasons. Nicholas’s work has been published in Humana Obscura, Free Verse Revolution, Querencia Press, Duck Head Journal, Resurrection Magazine and Wild Roof Journal. Check out more of his work on Instagram at @nick.olah.poetry or visit his Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/nickolahpoetry.