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The UAF Campus Mail Center is responsible for all incoming/outgoing mail service, and intra-campus mail pick-up/delivery for UAF departments. Mail service is limited to official University business only. Mail is sorted and delivered to primary departmental offices, not to individual faculty/staff offices. Each department has been given a unique 4-digit mail box number to assist with the sorting and delivery process. A list of departmental mail box numbers is available here.

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Personal Mail

Incoming – Do NOT use University of Alaska as your personal mailing address. All non-university business mail (including utility bills, bank statements, insurance policies, catalogs and magazines, Stitch Fix, Ulta, and any other personal mail) must be directed to your home address or personal mail box. UAF campus mail boxes for personal use are available for rent at the Campus Mail Center.

Outgoing – Personal mail will be picked up with all other classes of mail if it has postage and is sealed.


All UAF departments have a mail box number. If you don’t know please check the list. If your department needs a mail box please contact the CMC to see if you qualify.

Here is how incoming department mail should be addressed:

Recipient Name
Department Name
UAF Box 75xxxx (xxxx is the department’s assigned 4-digit mail box number)
Fairbanks, AK 99775-xxxx (xxxx is the department’s assigned 4-digit mail box number)

If a Physical Address is needed for a package to be shipped to your department via FedEx or UPS:

Recipient Name
Department Name
University of Alaska Fairbanks (optional, if there is space on address label)
Building Street Address, Room/Suite Number
Box 75xxxx (xxxx is the department’s assigned 4-digit mail box number)
Fairbanks, AK 99775-xxxx (xxxx is the department’s assigned 4-digit mail box number)

The 99775 ZIP-Code is unique to the University of Alaska Fairbanks and should be used at all times.


It is the department's responsibility to inform Human Resources of any personnel terminations or moves on campus. Be advised that CMC staff deliver University mail AS IT IS ADDRESSED. It is the responsibility of each department to determine if mail addressed to a former employee should be re-directed to the individual who assumed that person's position, or if the piece should be forwarded on via intercampus mail for employees who have transferred to another UAF department. If a department receives personal mail for a former employee who is no longer part of the UA system, the department can either write the correct address on the envelope or “Return to Sender”, and the Campus Mail Center will process accordingly.

Intercampus Mail

Mail is delivered within the University to other departments without additional postage costs. Please use manila envelopes with a To/From paper. Intercampus envelopes work best to expedite delivery. Visibly cross out the previous name/address and write the new name/address in a "clean" space. Clearly address the piece with the person's FULL NAME and DEPARTMENT MAIL BOX NUMBER. CMC personnel sort and deliver mail by box number, and mail without this may be delayed. Fold or tape the envelope closed. Please contact us if your department needs more intercampus envelopes.

Mail Delivery/Pick-Up Schedule

UAF Department Mail Delivery Schedule (PDF). Please have all outgoing mail ready at least 30 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

Bulk Mail

Bulk mailings are those with over 200 pieces, and only apply to materials pertaining to the business of the University of Alaska. The Campus Mail Center does not offer Bulk Mail services, however, we have three local vendors who will do address verification, print your materials, stuff envelopes, and prepare the mailing for outgoing mail. They can then deliver the mailing to the USPS. In addition to the fees for these services, your department will also be charged for the postage using the University of Alaska bulk mail permit.

If your department wishes to do a bulk mailing, there are three businesses in Fairbanks that are authorized to help with your needs:

• Advance Printing: 612 30th Ave, 907-451-1111,
• Date-Line Printing: 3677 College Rd, 907-479-3831,
• Graphic North: 157 Old Steese Hwy, 907-452-1907,

Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail is the term for the pre-printed envelope or card that you provide to your recipients. This allows them to respond to you without paying postage. In turn, your department is charged the return postage (plus a fee) for each piece that comes back.
There are specific formats for Business Reply Mail, so approvals are NECESSARY (prior to printing) to meet USPS requirements. Please contact us prior to printing Business Reply cards/envelopes in order to use the University of Alaska Business Reply Mail permit.

Mail Metering

This is how the majority of the university’s mail goes out every day. With the thousands of pieces that we process, we ask that departments have their mail prepped so the metering can go smoothly and efficiently.

All outgoing mail must have a completed Request for Postage slip (including contact information and the fund-org to be charged) for each type of service. One service slip should be used for each type of service desired. Letters can be bundled with one service slip. For packages, please tape a service slip to one package and note how many packages are included on that slip. Mail with no service slip will be returned to the department unprocessed.

Services offered:

First-class mail (1-3 days) – Please separate by state and ZIP Code for domestic mail, by country for international mail, and 99775 for all UAF mail (this will save you money in the long run since intercampus mail is free). This separation is requested for all postcards, letters, flats (large envelopes), and packages, as postage rates vary by type.

Priority Mail (1-3 days) – Please separate by state and ZIP Code for domestic mail, by country for international mail.

Media Mail (2-8 days) – This service is for items that can be checked out from a library (such as books, magazines, printed music, CDs or DVDs)

Parcel/Ground Mail (2-8 days) – Packages mailed this way should be separated by state and ZIP Code.

Express Mail (2 days) – this service requires a special address label.

Delivery speed is an estimate, except for Express Mail.

International Mail – May require a customs form for all first-class parcels (up to 4 pounds), Priority Mail International (over 4 pounds to 70 pounds, depending on the Priority box used), and Express Mail. Here is where an online customs form can be filled out and printed here. You only have to create a customs form, the CMC will apply the postage. International mailings are complex, please contact us with any questions.


Special services:
If you are using a special service (like Certified/Return Receipt, Insurance, etc.), please attach the appropriate forms to the mail piece. The blue Insured “V” number, or green Certified number should be affixed along the front top edge of the item. The green return receipt should go on the back of an envelope, but can also go on the front if there is sufficient room. The return receipt should not be used as a label for the mail piece. To obtain any of these forms, please contact the Campus Mail Center.


Departments may use Endicia to mail packages. The Endicia ShipTicket process gives departments access to the GSA Schedule 48 reduced postage rates for packages, which costs about 15-20% less than the standard process. The department enters their shipper’s information on a web site, then prints a bar code, and gives the barcode and package to the Campus Mail Center. When the barcode is scanned by CMC staff, the package is weighed and a label with correct postage is printed, then an email with tracking information is automatically generated to the shipper and optionally to the recipient.

Please contact the CMC for set-up details.

Large Mailing

Large mailing is classified as any mailing that is out of the normal for your department:

• Business envelopes (more than 50 pieces) – If they need to be sealed, they must be nested flap-over-flap in order to feed through the meter machines.
• Flat envelopes (6 ¼ x 8 inches or larger) more than 30 pieces.
• Boxes over 20 pounds or more than two boxes.

Please contact the Campus Mail Center at least one day in advance of all large mailings so we can prepare accordingly. If you call after hours, please leave a voice mail.

Campus Courier

The courier service is an interdepartmental delivery service for items that require same-day delivery between West Ridge and core campus or to an off-campus UAF department. It is offered Monday-Friday from 10:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m., as staffing allows. Requests for courier services must be received by 1:30 p.m.

Note: The item to be couriered must not require use of a dolly or other lift assistance for transport.

Department Billing

Monthly Billing: The previous month’s activity for metered mail and Endicia is billed at the beginning of each month.
(Example: July’s metering JV is processed at the beginning of August)

Quarterly Billing: The previous quarter’s activity for Bulk Mail and BRM/PD (Business Reply Mail and Postage Due) is billed at the beginning of each quarter.
(Example: First quarter JV – July/ August/September – is processed at the start of October)


 Frequently Asked Questions

When does our department get billed for the mail that we sent out?
We bill departments monthly and quarterly, depending on the service. See Department Billing section above for the regular billing schedule.

We got mail for another department – what should we do?
Just place it the outgoing mail tub with a note letting us know.

What do we do with mail that is for a person that is no longer working for our department or we don’t know this person?
All departments are responsible for all mail that is addressed to them. If a staff/facility member no longer works for your department you are responsible to forward their mail if it is not department related. So we encourage departments to not let staff/facility use the department address for personal use. If you have no address on record and need the item returned to sender please return to the CMC with a note on it stating RTS (return to sender) DO NOT write all over the piece of mail. The CMC will stamp it with the appropriate information.


Unwanted Advertising Mail

If you receive unsolicited catalogs or other unwanted advertising mail, you can have your name removed from mailing lists by visiting the Federal Trade Commission here:

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Contact UAF Campus Mail Center

Should you require any additional information, have questions, or wish to provide suggestions as to how we might improve our services, please contact us!

Campus Mail Center Manager: Deanna Lazarus
PO Box 750100, Fairbanks, AK 99775
1692 Tok Lane, #107, Fairbanks, AK 99775
Campus Mail Center Office: (907) 474-7215
Campus Mail Center email: