Parking Services is a self-sustaining service department dedicated to maintaining accessible, attractive and safe parking facilities. 

Students must register for class before buying a student-priced permit. 

What's New in Parking?

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Map for ADA, Restrooms, Lactation Centers

Sustainable Permits - New Prices - Effective for the 2019-2020 year the sustainable permits have been reduced by $10.00. Individuals will be able to view this on their online payroll deduction information. The change in price  will affect all sustainable permits renewed and purchased for the current year.  A sustainable permit is available for full-time permanent faculty and staff who wish to automatically renew annually.

Nenana Parking Lot - Parking passes for a 24 hour period may be purchased from a Kiosk machine that is located in the Nenana lot. Day passes cost $5.00/day.  There is a Shuttle Bus that will take you from the Nenana lot directly to the Wood Center (South Entrance). The shuttle runs from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm during the Fall/Spring academic year. For additional shuttle information you can go to the shuttle link.

Reminder for Faculty Parking in the Fall - Parking permits become available to purchase online on August 1st. If you purchase your permit then or any time after, there will be a temporary permit for you to print from the online receipt or the email receipt. This temporary permit will be good for the last two weeks in August and should cover the time that has been problematic with returning faculty. If you come into the office to purchase your permit, you can receive the same temporary permit from the front office staff. This permit must be properly displayed in the vehicle to be considered valid.

Reminder for Half-time  or less Staff Employees with No Basic Benefits or Adjunct Faculty - Parking permits become available to purchase online on August 1st. If you purchase your permit then or any time after, you will need to come to the Bursar's office to get the half-price discount. You will need to let the customer service representatives know prior to purchase that you are an adjunct faculty or half-time or less employee. We will need verification of your status and we can look this up on your Banner account, but if you are a new employee and your Banner account does not reflect your status you will need to bring in a memo from your department on letter head or your current contract agreement. If you have any questions please call 474-7384.

Suggestions and comments

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, contact the Office of the Bursar at uaf-bursar@alaska.edu.