Recent Publications and Data Products Using OARC–Produced Data


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  2. Dorothee Bakker, et al.*, 2021. SOCAT version 2021 for quantification of ocean CO2 uptake. (*denotes >100 coauthors including N. Monacci)
  3. Hurst, T.P., Copeman, L.A., Andrade, J.F. et al. 2021. Expanding evaluation of ocean acidification responses in a marine gadid: elevated CO2 impacts development, but not size of larval walleye pollock. Marine Biology, 168:119.
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  10. Andrade, J.F., Hurst, T.P., Miller, J.A. 2018. Behavioral responses of a coastal flatfish to predation-associated cues and elevated CO2. Journal of Sea Research, 140:11-21.


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