SMC Shore Facilities

The K.M. Rae Marine Education Building

The K.M. Rae Marine Education Building, located at 125 Third Avenue, houses the offices of UAF graduate students working in Seward and is also used for classes, meetings and community events. A videoconferencing system is used for viewing classes or meetings at distant locations.

The building’s large reception area and adjacent auditorium can accommodate groups up to 140 people. A small kitchenette with refrigerator, stove, microwave, and coffeemakers is available.

The K.M. Rae Building is often rented for use by non-UAF organizations and private groups for a small fee. Please schedule use of the K.M. Rae building by submitting the Rae Building request form.

For more information, please call the Seward Marine Center at (907) 224-5261.

The SMC warehouse

The SMC warehouse is located at 201 Railway Avenue. The warehouse provides a staging area and storage space for scientists before and after their research cruises. A walk-in freezer, a wood shop, and a variety of tools and oceanographic sampling equipment are available for use by visitors.

The Orca Building

The Seward Marine Center administrative offices are located in the Orca Building at 201 Third Avenue. This building also holds meeting rooms and offices for R/V Sikuliaq crew when they are in port.

The D.W. Hood laboratory

The D.W. Hood laboratory provides both wet and dry laboratory space. The large wet laboratory has seawater capabilities, a variety of sizes of tanks and aquaria, and lights controlled by timers for the ability to simulate natural photoperiods. There is an adjacent prep room for processing samples or preparing animal feed.

Two separate dry laboratories each include over 48 linear feet of bench space, a fume hood, and two sinks. A variety of scientific equipment is available for use.

There are four furnished offices and wireless Internet access through the building.

For more information, please call the Seward Marine Center at (907) 224-5261.