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Credit card payments can ONLY be accepted through a University of Alaska (UA) approved credit card processor. The current UA approved processor is TransFirst.

Credit cards may be accepted in-person or over the phone for payment. However to do so, a department must:

  • Only allow individuals to accept and process card holder data if they have read the UA PCI Policy (PDF) and completed the PCI Security Agreement Form (PDF).
  • Use the Credit Card Authorization Form (PDF) if the payment is taken over the phone.
  • Immediately process the credit card payment or lock the card holder information in a secure location and process within 24 hours.
  • Shred the credit card information immediately after processing in a cross-cut shredder.
  • Deposit amounts in excess of $500 daily. Lesser amounts must be deposited weekly.

Credit card processing options:

If your department has an existing Merchant Account (MID), there are several UA approved credit card terminals available for different processing environments. (Please note: MIDs are only approved on a usage basis. Current MIDs with low usage may also be closed and directed to eCommerce credit card processing or may use our Departmental Use Terminal. Contact the UAF Office of the Bursar for more information.)


  • Standalone Wired Credit Card Terminals
  • Wireless Credit Card Terminals (Must process on cellular data network. Monthly data plan network charges will apply)
  • *iPhone card reader (Contact ATT for $0.99 iPhone 4 - 907-264-7245. Must have monthly data plan)
  • *ProcessNow Registrar System (iPad or Android tablet must be a data plan capable model or cannot be used. Can be purchased at AT&T or through tablet company. ProcessNow tablets are non-compliant)

*iPhones and Tablets MUST be locked down by OIT to be compliant.

Equipment order forms

Prices on order form. Return to UAF Office of the Bursar for processing.

If your department does not have a Merchant Account (MID), you may occasionally accept credit card information and come to the UAF Office of the Bursar to process the credit card(s) on our Departmental Use Terminal. Complete the following forms to do so:

***This option absolutely cannot be used to accept credit card payments at events or conferences.***

Please contact our office if you have an upcoming event and would like to take credit card payments. We have a mobile device that we can rent to departments and UAF student groups.