Student Account Payment Information


There are multiple ways to pay a student depending on the type of funding, what the funding may pay for, and the student’s status, including employment. 

Where should my payment request go?

Prize money or reimbursement → Not a student employee → Accounts Payable

Prize money or reimbursement → Student employee → HR payroll transaction

Stipend or Salaries & Wages? → See: OGCA's Website

Scholarship for educational expenses and may be refunded to the student → Financial Aid

Undergraduate tuition and fee waiver → Bursar: Current list of Undergrad Exemption Codes

Graduate tuition and fee waiver → Graduate School: Current list of Grad Exemption Codes

Fellowship → Accounts Payable → See: OFA's Website

Participant support payment → Procurement → See: OGCA's Website

Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Payment Request

Before submitting a tuition and fee payment request, you must have a payment detail code and an exemption code.  See the list of current exemption codes and their detail codes.  

Submit the Detail Code Request Form to create or update a detail code.  

Submit the Exemption Code Request Form to create or update an exemption code.

Tuition and Fee Payment Request Form

Qualified payments waive the student’s requirement to pay tuition and fees assessed during course registration or other charges such as room and board.  Payments must be specifically assigned to a course CRN or pay for a specific detail code charge.  Applicable account codes are:

  • 6105 - Scholarships
  • 6110 - Talent Grant Waivers
  • 6113 - Needs Based Waivers
  • 6116 - Athlete Non-Resident Waiver
  • 6211 - Undergraduate Assistantship Waiver
  • 6331 - Other Student Aid

The waiver cannot over-award a student account and be refunded to the student.  Payments made from unrestricted sources or grants are waivers and cannot be scholarships.  If funding can go towards any other educational expense or be refunded to the student, please contact the Financial Aid Office.  

Exemptions pay first and may reduce a student’s aid, or third-party agency, or VA payment.  State, federal, or needs-based aid may be adjusted so that a student’s total funding does not exceed the cost of attendance budget or financial need. 

Departmental payments to student accounts will be reported as an eligible payment on the student’s 1098-T tax form.  

Process flow

  1. The department starts the form and has it approved by their department head or budget manager.  A student can not submit the form.  
  2. The Bursar’s Office reviews the form for accuracy (student enrollment, ID numbers, course costs, accurate department and fund codes. etc).  Bursar’s Office approves and sends the form to the Financial Aid Office.
  3. The Financial Aid Office reviews the funding and includes the award in the student’s aid package.  Financial Aid reduces other aid in the event of an over-award and approves the form.
  4. The Bursar’s Office applies payment to the student’s account.

Submission timeframes and deadlines
The form must be submitted each term at least two days before the fee payment deadline to ensure the funding is processed in time.  Forms may be submitted until the end of the term.  The Bursar’s Office will start processing payments when Financial Aid is disbursed for the term.  Please allow approximately 48 business hours for processing.  

Recommended submission timeframes:

  • Spring - January
  • Summer - May
  • Fall - August