Course fee approval procedure


  1. All fees must be published in the applicable semester course schedule, special session course schedule or non-credit course schedule and in corresponding electronic equivalents. Fees that are not approved and not published in the applicable schedule will not be assessed. Any exception to the publication requirement requires Chancellor approval. Approval of such exceptions cannot be delegated.

  2. Course Fee Approval Request Deadlines:
    Course fee approval request must be submitted to the Provost's office for approval, and the due dates for submission are indicated below. The dates are based on course scheduling announcement. The purpose for the due dates is to ensure that students have complete and accurate information regarding their tuition and fees prior to fee payment.
    • Spring Semester:  September 1
    • Fall Semester:  February 1
    • Summer Semester:  December 1

      *Deadlines not applicable to courses effected by COVID-19

  3. For-Credit Course Fees:
    All course fee proposals (lab/material, distance, computer lab, etc.) originate in a department at a rural campus, CTC or CDE and must be approved by the corresponding School/Dean, Campus Director or CDE Director. Delegation of Dean's or Director's approval authority must be documented in writing to the Provost. Finally, the request must be approved by the Provost, who will submit it to the Bursar's Office for implementation.

  4. Fees for Non-credit Instruction
    School or College Dean, Campus Director and the CDE Director have the authority to approve non-credit instruction fees that are less than or equal to $200. Any delegation of Dean's or Director's approval authority must be documented in writing to the Provost.

    Fees of more than $200 for non-credit instruction will require Provost approval in addition to Dean or Director approval.

  5. Course Fee Approval Request Form:
    Course fee approval requests can be submitted electronically via DocuSign. You do not need to print, scan or fax the form to sign and submit it, nor do you need to create any accounts to use this feature. We are no longer able to provide a pdf Course Fee Approval form, all requests must be submitted through the DocuSign venue.