UAF FRAME Film Production Services

FRAME Film Production Services
Paul Lawrence and Isaac Paris work on Field Audio Recording during FRAME production 2013.

UAF FRAME Film Production Services

The Department of Theatre and Film at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has aligned technical career training in Arts, AV Technology & Communications with mentors in the film industry.  Utilizing faculty, professionals, and current students, we are able to provide limited video production services to the University of Alaska. UAF Frame Film Production Services provides students with hands-on training opportunities while simultaneously providing many academic and research units the video production support needed.

If you are a UAF program interested in having our students work on a video project, please fill out the Preliminary Interest Form

UAF Students may work on FRAME productions by registering for FLM 298 or FLM 498. Please check with your advisor prior to registering. Limited PAID postions are also available for FRAME students and those enrolled in FLM 298/498. To apply for these positions you must be enrolled in at least 6 credits at UAF. 

Fall 2015 job posting can be found here:  

Classification: Student Assistant C
Working Title: CLA Departments
Department: F-CLA Dean
PCN: 924707
Posting Number: 0071085

Students on set


Maya Salganek

Director of Film Program

(907) 474-5950 

Department of Theatre and Film
University Alaska Fairbanks

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