WHEN: Saturday February 10, 2024 TIME: 10AM-10:30AM


WHERE: UAF Fine Arts Complex - KUAC-TV Studio. 

WHO: All FLPA majors registered for the FLPA 191/291, 0 credit Audition Workshop. 


WHAT: CAMERA Auditioning Workshop

    • Professor Baker & Professor Salganek will share some pointers about the process of film auditions. 
    • Students will then go through an on-camera audition for the film Love Me by Nolan Earnest. 
    • Students will also watch other actors audition once they have completed their audition.
  • We will be using audition sides from the film Love Me, written and directed by Nolan Earnest. The link to the 10-page script is here: HERE
  • Please prepare one of the roles for your audition.

Some pointers:

  • You will be asked to “slate” which is when the actor speaks into the camera and introduces themselves and their audition piece or role. Make sure to rehearse this slate. A typical slate would be (looking into the camera…the only time you ever look into the camera!): “Hi my name is ____________ and I a reading for the role of ___________.” Then take a moment to gather yourself and begin. 
    • There will be a “mark” for you to stand on so that you are in frame for the camera.
  • What to wear: Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that are appropriate for the side you have chosen, but also honor the formality of an audition (don’t come in sweats!). Avoid crazy-patterned shirts and make sure your hair is not in your face. 
  • Remember that you will be on-camera, so you should not use a lot of big physical movements. The camera will be on a mid-shot of you (waist up). 
  • The “reader” (actor who is reading the scene with you) will be to the side of the camera. Do not move toward the reader…stay in frame!

Have questions? Contact Professor Baker (ccbaker@alaska.edu