FLPA 191/291 Spring 2021 Website Workshop

In place of the Spring, 2021 Audition Workshop and Portfolio Review; Professor Mendelowitz is creating an outline for you to create your own Entertainment-Oriented portfolio/resume website.

Currently there are 3 pages for you to work through; while a 4th one is coming.

All students in this course must create a(t least a basic) website by Saturday, February 6th.

All of the web-based tools outlines here have a free tier; and though I recommend and use Wordpress for this workshop; I will accept your website built on any platform you choose - html; GoDaddy, Wix, etc.  39% of the world's websites run on Wordpress which is a free, open-source project - so it's very powerful, well supported, well documented, and extremely flexible.

Here's an outline of how this will proceed:

  1.  What you'll need to create your website / prep. Website Workshop
    bout 15 minutes to go through, but it may take you some time to collect all of the materials (or you may have them ready).
  2. Getting started with Wordpress (how to sign up for, and begin your website): Website Creation
    bout 20 minutes to go through.  Including signing up for your website, and watching an overview video supplied by Wordpress.
  3. Terms and considerations, including an overview of Professor Mendelowitz's portfolio website. Wordpress Concepts
     few terms followed by a 10 minute video overview of Professor M's website; you may want to download and refer back to the video.  I recommend watching this, then thinking about how you want to approach building your website.
  4. Time to work on your website!
    Now that you've found/collected the pieces you'll need - and created the shell for your website; I'll walk you through a bit of actually modifying your website to suit an Entertainment professional.