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  • Cast of Something in the Living Room by Kavelina Torres. (Left to Right) Hank Nuwer as the Professor; Donetta Tritt as Cora Alice Jane; Skyler Ray Benson Davis as Cowboy; Tim Ott as FatCat. © MAYA SALGANEK

    Something in the Living Room

    March 29, 2024

    UAF Department of Theatre & Film’s presents a Tuma Theatre production, Something In The Living Room, written and directed by UAF Associate Professor of Indigenous Media, Kavelina Torres. Multimedia Performances will take place in the Lee H. Salisbury Lab Theatre from March 29-April 7, 2024.

  • Ashlee stands up on desk

    Dance Nation

    November 10, 2023

    The UAF Department of Theatre & Film presents the Pulitzer Prize Nominated play, Dance Nation, written by Clare Barron and directed by Daniel Ponickly, in the Lee H. Salisbury Lab Theatre from November 10-19, 2023.

  • Tumyaraq-qaa production photo


    March 31, 2023

    The UAF Department of Theatre & Film invites the community to a live studio-audience filming of the TV pilot Tumyaraq-qaa, written and directed by Kavelina Torres, in the Lee H. Salisbury Lab Theatre from March 31 - April 2, 2023.

  • The Shape of Things

    February 24, 2023

    UAF Theatre presented "The Shape of Things" by Neil LaBute and directed by Rachel Blackwell on Feb. 24 - Mar. 5, 2023 at the Salisbury Theatre.

  • 'Seminar' featuring Bruce Hanson, Charles Wolgemuth, Charlotte Gray, Kris Luddington and Sarah Williams


    March 25, 2022

    UAF Theatre presented 'Seminar,' a comedy by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Tom Robenolt, from March 25 to April 10, 2022, at the Salisbury Theatre.

  • 'The Misanthrope' featuring Isabelle Nygren, Kris Luddington, and Riley von Borstel

    The Misanthrope

    November 12, 2021

    UAF Theatre presented "The Misanthrope" on November 12-21, 2021. Based on the play by Molière, adapted by Timothy Mooney and directed by Michael Shaeffer.

  • A virtual cast performing Pride and Prejudice during the COVID 19 pandemic.

    Pride and Prejudice

    April 16, 2021

    UAF Theatre proudly presents a virtual “Pride and Prejudice” production on April 16-25, 2021.

  • Production photo with animation done by Kade Mendelowitz.

    She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms

    December 04, 2020

    Theatre UAF announced its first virtual performance, "She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms" by Qui Nguyen, directed by Tom Robenolt, available for viewing from December 4-12, 2020.

  • Pink Violet characters Dana (played by Isabelle Nygren) and Billy (played by Charles Wolgemuth) lay on stage in costume. UAF still from the Pink Violet trailer.

    Pink Violet

    January 01, 2020

    Pink Violet. Written and Directed by Keziah Anderson. Executive Producer, Maya Salganek.

  • The “A Night for Conversation” crew (and a few cast) members wrapping up the first day of shooting!

    A Night of Conversation

    November 02, 2019

    "A Night for Conversation" a short film by Kade Mendelowitz premiered November 2, 2019.

  • Dead Man's Cell Phone

    March 29, 2019

    UAF Theatre and Film present "Dead Man’s Cell Phone" by Sarah Ruhl and directed by Carrie Baker at the Salisbury Theatre on March 29 – April 7, 2019.

  • Avenue Q featuring Amanda Torgerson, Kayla Gilchrist, Laquita Deans

    Avenue Q

    November 08, 2018

    "Avenue Q" presented by Interior Independent Theatre and Theatre UAF on November 8-18, 2018.

  • A stage scene

    A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    March 23, 2018

    "A Midsummer Night’s Dream," a play by William Shakespeare, was produced by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre and Film department with guest director Andrew Cassel from March 23 to April 8, 2018. .

  • “This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing” featuring Paloma Polanco (front row, seated in a square) and (back row, from left to right) Freddy Gryder, Mary Conlin, Paloma Polanco, Emily Ross, and Sarah Williams.

    This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing

    February 18, 2018

    Theatre UAF presented 'This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing' by Finegan Kruckemeyer and directed by guest artist, Abigail Van Patter on Feb. 8-18, 2018 at the Salisbury Theatre.

  • Image from Home, by Vinecia Coleman, directed by Mary Conlin

    Winter Shorts, Fall 2017

    November 10, 2017

    The Winter Shorts - fall, 2017 November 10-19, 2017 Presented by the UAF Student Drama Association featuring: The Writer by Chip Bolcik, directed by Freddy Gryder Over the Line by Freddy Gryder, directed by Adam Gillette Home by Vinecia Coleman, directed by Mary Conlin Ace by Frederica Matumeak, directed by Lara Lotze

  • 'Cacetugmi' featuring (from left to right) Brittany Bowling, Jared Olin, and Bella Sellers.

    Spring Shorts

    April 21, 2017

    The UAF Theatre Department presented 'Spring Shorts,' a collection of one-acts written by Kavelina Torres, on April 21 and 22, 2017.

  • An image from the production of

    Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

    March 24, 2017

    Theatre UAF presents "Five Women Wearing the Same Dress" by Alan Ball and directed by Carrie Baker on March 24-April 2, 2017.

  • The Stephen King Cameo, Written by Michael Shaeffer, directed by Jill Shipman. Part of the 2016 UAF SDA Winter Shorts.

    Winter Shorts, Fall 2016

    October 01, 2016

    University of Alaska Fairbanks' Student Drama Association presents Winter Shorts, fall 2016

  • Actors and actresses on stage during the play.

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

    April 15, 2016

    “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” by Tennessee Williams, presented by UAF Theatre and Film on April 15-24, 2016 and directed by Rebecca George.

  • Theatre UAF’s


    February 12, 2016

    "Closer," a play by Patrick Marber, directed by Ian Buoncore. Presented by the UAF Department of Theatre and Film on February 12-21, 2016.

  • Three actresses crouch over a mirror in their performance of Devised

    Winter Shorts 2015

    December 11, 2015

    This year’s Winter Shorts consists of three distinct segments: Antigone, Devised, and Ground Squirrel Improv.

  • Stop Kiss

    October 30, 2015

    "Stop Kiss," written by Diana Son, directed by Carrie Baker, was presented by the UAF Department of Theatre & Film from Oct. 30 to Nov. 8, 2015, at the Salisbury Theatre.

  • The Ash Girl

    April 17, 2015

    Presented by the UAF Department of Theatre and Film, "The Ash Girl," written by Timberlake Wertenbaker and directed by Brian EG Cook, was performed from April 17-26, 2015, at the UAF Salisbury Theatre.

  • Featuring Mallory Smyth, Elsbeth Cheyne, Katrina Kuharich, Theodore Hooke, and Nancy Nguyen.

    Winter Shorts Spring 2015

    February 05, 2015

    Two one-act plays: UAF English Major Grace McCarthy’s “When All Else Fails” & local playwright Michael Shaeffer’s “Saucy Jacks”, with improv by Ground Squirrel Improv Troupe! Directed, performed, designed, and crewed by UAF Theatre students.

  • An image from the production

    An Inspector Calls

    November 07, 2014

    "An Inspector Calls" is written by J. B. Priestley and directed by Brian Cook, presented by the UAF Department of Theatre and Film on November 7-16, 2014.