Heart with puppet strings attached


You are invited to AUDITION for a role in the short film "Love Me" by Film and Performing Arts major, Nolan Earnest. This short film will be produced by students enrolled in Film Set Production I/II courses, and affiliated students and faculty led by Professor Maya Salganek. 

FILMING DATES: Friday-Monday: February 23-26 & March 1-4, 2024 on the UAF Campus.

THE STORY: When Meeting the Parents becomes a competitive feat of strength, will and compassion, do you really have what it takes to LOVE ME and my complicated family?


WHEN: 10AM-4PM Saturday, FEBRUARY 10, 2024,  with callbacks 2PM Sunday, February 11

WHERE: UAF department of Theatre and Film. The in-person auditions will take place in the UAF's Fine Arts Complex, in the KUAC-TV studio. Please check in in the Great Hall 10 minutes prior to your audition time.

ROLES: People of all ages, all ethnicities and gender identities are encouraged to audition. Fairbanks community members and UAF students are welcome.

For auditions, actors will read audition sides from the script. Audition sides are available HERE . Sides will also be provided at the auditions. Callbacks will take place Sunday February 11 at 2pm. All actors who audition are expected to be available for callbacks the following afternoon.

     DANIEL: Any Ethnicity. The 25-year-old boyfriend to Jane, still budding with innocent and childlike delight. While he carries immense pressure from his family, being the only child, he often resolves this by pushing away the stress. Distant childhood pain can be seen behind his eyes. Loves his family regardless of how they treat him.
     JANE: 27 years old, female, of any ethnicity. Piercing eyes. Intelligent with an overtly competitive nature. Works as a nurse at the hospital. She can adapt to the person she is speaking with at the moment. Has a great sense of self-love.
     HOWARD:  55-65, male, of any ethnicity. Carries a cold, gaunt-like presence. He is the father of Daniel and cares deeply about his family. Howard is used to being the judge, jury, and executioner. His protective nature leads to childish insecurities and manipulations as he attempts to remain in control.
     ARNOLD: 55-85 years old, male, any ethnicity. A long-time friend who was adopted into Howard’s family at a young age. The showman and host of the night. While playful, he ultimately remains impartial towards the decisions that happen within the family.
     ELISE: 52-65, female, any ethnicity. A strikingly calm and relaxed individual with a presence like the calm before a storm. Incredibly strong and resourceful especially for the sake of her family. Has the most control over her husband, Howard, but loves her baby boy Daniel Moss more than anything.
     EXTRAS: Assorted family members: Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Children.


  1. Complete this form with contact information and choose an audition slot. 
  2. Read and prepare script sides available here: SIDES   
  3. Be ready to work with casting team and director with camera crew for recorded film auditions. 


Please arrive 10 minutes early to check-in and have the team take your picture for our records! Auditions will take place in the University of Alaska Fairbanks Fine Arts Complex. Please check in at the AUDITION table in the Great Hall  MAP to Great Hall

Learn the basics of film auditions then practice your skills at the audition! 


Thank you! Quyana! Mahsi'choo! Anibaase! Gunalchéesh!