Reel Review

Reel Review takes place each Spring for all UAF Film Majors. Please come prepared to share your reel with your peers, along with a current resume.

Reel Review will take place on Tuesday, February 18, from 6:00 - 9:00PM in the Fine Arts Complex, Theatre room 101 ("The Green Room").

1) Film Majors will be required to screen their demo reel each spring in front of a public audience. Students will receive feedback on their reel from faculty and professionals, and develop a professional reel by the time of graduation. The reel should be presented as either an .mov or .mp4 file with an uploaded link to youtube or vimeo channels as a backup plan. 

2) Students should also present faculty with a current resume. A template and example is available for download below. 

What is a Reel?

The film "reel" was a canister of film that highlighted some of the filmmakers' or actors' best work.

Today, a "reel" is used to still describe the cinematic media, as well as the cut of a a filmmaker's best work. Students are encouraged to develop a demo reel no longer than 4 minutes highlighting their best work. Students should specify their focus at the beginning of the reel such as "Cinematography" or "Directing". Typically, as students your reel will showcase a variety of your skills and talents, so highlight the work of cinematography, editing, design, etc. as it appears in the reel. 

Reels are often set to music that represents you (don't worry about the copyright for this). Make sure your contact information (phone and email) are on slates at the beginning and end. 

For ideas and inspiration spend time looking at the Vimeo Demo Reel Channel here:

Film Resume Template

Sample Professional Resume