(0 credit class for design/tech-track theatre majors)


WHEN: The beginning of every semester. The next Portfolio Review is September 15, 2018 1-3:00pm. Participants will be there for the entire time slot.

WHERE: The Green Room, THR 101

WHO:  All technical and design theatre majors registered for the THR 190/191/290/291 0-credit class. All theatre majors are required to participate in Audition Assessment or Portfolio Review a minimum or four semesters. Professor Mendelowitz will provide on-the-spot feedback, observable by all participating students. New students are encouraged to come observe.

WHAT: Portfolio Review gives design and technical theatre majors in areas of Stage Management, Lighting, Costumes, Scenery and Sound the opportunity to present their work as they would in a professional interview setting.

In the Fall semester (THR 190/290), students bring a current resume and all of their design and technical work presented either in a single portfolio or arranged as a table display. Professors will provide feedback on content, presentation and aesthetics, and suggest ways to tailor the presentation to suit a specific type of job or interview scenario. If you do not yet have a portfolio, bring your work so we can determine where you are in your development. Your complete portfolio constitutes all of your work in various areas of theater to date.

In the Spring Semester (THR 191/291), students will create a cover letter, resume and selective portfolio of work in answer to specific listings provided below. Students should plan to interview as if they are being considered for the job or graduate school opening of their choosing. Your portfolio should be formatted so that your best work in the job area you have selected is displayed first. Irrelevant work should be removed or displayed last. This portfolio should have appropriate labels, quality photos and represent the kind of employee/artist you would be if hired; in other words, bring something you would actually show to a potential employer at an in-person interview.


Exactly what should be in your portfolio?

Examples of your work on productions - this may include:

  • Photographs
  • Actual props or costume pieces
  • Drawings/Renderings
  • Fabric or gel swatches
  • Draftings
  • Prompt Books
  • Selective, relevant paperwork

Class work that displays your technical or artistic proficiencies.

Keep in Mind:

  • Come early to set up and prepare. The Green Room will be available to you beforehand.
  • First impressions are important. Be sure to introduce yourself and clearly state your area of interest or expertise.
  • Dress appropriately for a professional interview in an artistic field. (Ask if you don’t know what this means!)
  • Have pride in your presentation. If you are seeking a position in the visual arts, you will be evaluated on your visual and artistic presentation as well as the content.
  • If you update your portfolio as shows happen, preparing for Portfolio Review will be easier. Keep notes about what fonts/papers/colors/formats you used so you can replicate them when you want to add additional content.


Contact Professor Mendelowitz

SPRING SEMESTER JOB LISTINGS*:  Would you like an easy-to-print PDF of these descriptions?



The NoName Summer Theater is seeking interns for a five-show rotating mainstage season and a two-show children’s season. Candidates should demonstrate comprehensive experience in their area and a positive, self-motivated work ethic. Interns will assist in implementing the designs for mainstage productions and have the opportunity to work with professional directors to design for one of the children’s shows. A small stipend and double-occupancy housing will be provided. Send cover letter, resume and three references to: The NoName Summer Theatre, P.O. Box 4567 Springfield, CN or email theatre@noname.org.  Please specify area of interest. Costumes, Properties, Sound, Lighting/Electrics.



The NoName Opera Company is seeking a non-equity Assistant Stage Manager for our productions of The Magic Flute, Oklahoma! and Don Giovanni. NOC seeks a professional individual with a strong work ethic and who is self-motivated and has great people skills. Ability to read music or opera/musical experience is a plus. Responsibilities of the ASM include assisting the Production Stage Manager in any way that pertains to their specific show, over-seeing the Production Assistants that are assigned to the production and helping to run all rehearsals and produce the needed paperwork for the particular show.
A stipend, housing and travel provided. Interested candidates please send cover letter, resume, and three references to: The NoName Opera Company, P.O. Box 1234, Springfield, AB or email jane@nonameopera.com.



Seeking energetic individuals to fill all production positions for the 2011 summer season at Springfield’s prestigious NoName Rep. NoName Rep is a fast-paced, vigorous company that produces an eight-show season, including two musicals and two new plays, in 12 intensive weeks. Interested candidates should have a minimum of two years collegiate experience, good work ethic and excellent time-management skills. Most positions include show assignments once productions have been built.  Available positions include costume stitchers/wardrobe, costume craftsperson, assistant stage managers, carpenters/run crew, painters, assistant scene shop supervisor, properties master, electricians/light board op, assistant master electrician, sound board op. Contracts begin in late May and run 9-12 weeks depending on position and experience. All positions are salaried and include housing and small travel stipend. Please send cover letter, resume and three references to NoName Rep, P.O. Box 6789, Springfield, JT or email jobs@nonamerep.org.



The Master of Fine Arts program at NoName University provides students with a focused education in Lighting Design, Costume Design, Scenic Design or Dramaturgy. The small program offers students individual attention and diverse opportunities for practical application of skills. Graduate assistantships are available to teach Intro to Technical Theater, Theatre Appreciation and Acting I (for non-majors), and include a tuition waiver and generous stipend. More information is available at www.noname.edu. Completed applications are due February 1, 2011. Inquiries please email gradprogram@noname.edu.

*All descriptions based on actual postings.