All of our auditions are open to the public.  You do not need to be affiliated with UAF to take part in our productions!

Auditions for "Famous For Fifteen" produced by the Student Drama Association will be February 3, 2019, 2:00-5:00pm.

Auditions for Famous for Fifteen are coming up February 3rd from 2pm to 5pm in the Green Room at Theatre UAF. Famous For Fifteen is a staged reading of four 15 minute plays. The performance will be February 23rd at 7pm and will have a tech rehearsal February 22nd as well as rehearsals before then decided by directors. All auditioners are welcome! The plays and roles are as follows:

Frappuccinos and Elixirs by Eugene Cole, directed by Lara Lotze
- Matt: Stressed, loves his friends, and his heart is in the right place but his ideas of “helping” are
not. He is interested in the occult, not a practitioner.
- Oliver: Chill, confident, the mediator, and the occult practitioner of the group.
- Daisy: Trying to be positive, struggling with her mental health, and was interested in the occult
until recently.
- Lily: Bit of an airhead, trendy, loving when she wants/needs to be, and social media butterfly.
- Ralph: A busybody, focused on his work. A little too focused.

Love Letter in a Locker Room by Sam Thompson, directed by Emily Ross
- Norman: A college sophomore, inseparable from Shelley. Enjoys working out, and has finally
convinced Shelley to join him this summer. He looks forward to every workout with his best
- Sheldon: A college sophomore, inseparable from Norman. His real name is Sheldon, but Norman affectionately refers to him as Shelley. He looks forward to every moment he spends with Norman. He struggles internally with his feelings.
- Eulogizer: One of Sheldon’s parents, stricken by the unexpected grief.
- Therapist: Norman’s supportive therapist.

Undeclared Plastics by Michael Shaeffer, directed by Jared Olin
- Monica: A researcher. Lawrence’s housemate.
- Lawrence: Loves plastic and hates the ocean. Monica’s housemate.

Real by Emily Ross, directed by Sam Thompson
- Wendy: Starts as a typical 50’s housewife/ stay-at-home mom. She is happy but feels like something is missing from her life. Feels unacknowledged.
- Randall: Wendy’s husband. A typical upper middle class businessman. Doesn’t appreciate his wife enough and craves approval from his peers.
- Susan: A humanoid robot. Sweet and curious about everything.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact SDA by emailing We look forward to seeing you there!

Theatre and Film Callboard

UAF Theatre and Film Callboard

The callboard is located in the Theatre wing of the Fine Arts building on UAF's main campus. From the Great Hall, face the Salisbury Theatre. To your left is a hallway (between the Salisbury and the Concert Hall). Go down the stairs. The callboard will be at the bottom of the stairs on your right.


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