Two children riding bikes in Hess Village neighborhood.Living on campus not only is convenient and affordable, it's a great way to find a home within the university community.

Employee, Family and Graduate Housing (EFG) provides on-campus neighborhoods that cater to benefited UAF faculty and staff, undergraduate students 26 or older, and graduate students taking at least 6 credits. All employees of the University of Alaska, except student or temporary employees, are eligible for EFG housing.



1. Complete the Housing Eligibility Application under Forms and Applications in the Housing Portal.

2. Refresh the Housing Portal.

3. Click Forms and Applications to see what housing you qualify for.

Complete Application

1. Complete the application(s) for the housing you are interested in.

2. Submit any additional paperwork (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.)

Reserve your home

1. You will receive a notice via email placing you on the waitlist.

2. A $40 processing fee is due once a unit is identified for you.

3. A conduct check is run.

4. After clearing the checks, an official housing offer is sent.

Our live-in professional and student staff are here to help our residents prosper in and out of the classroom.

Resident Directors (RD) have a background in student development. They are responsible for promoting a positive residential community, and facilitating large-and small-scale programs to help integrate residents into student life at UAF.

Resident Assistants (RA) have extensive training with student concerns and campus resources. They help organize social and educational programs throughout the year. They are trained in mediation and are available to help resolve any roommate conflicts within the community. 

Lori Havard

Lori Havard

Resident Director and Student Conduct Administrator

Employee, Family, Graduate Housing

Residant Assistants
Dalton Robitzer
Amanda Neeley
Ben Fix
Tyler Baker-Chapman

EFG Events Calendar

A Residents' four legged (or two) friend is more than welcome to EFG Housing. Residents are limited to only one pet per unit. Certain types of animals are permitted including fish, small caged animals, dogs, and cats.  Detailed information about the animal policy can be found in the link below.

All pets (excluding fish) must be registered with the Department of Residence Life before they can be present in university housing.

Here's what type of pets are allowed in each housing unit and how much the pet deposit is.


Pet Deposits





Small Caged Animal
Hess Village
Wickersham 103
Cutler 501
To register an animal, you must:
  1. Sign the Animal Policy. (Don't forget to include emergency contact information at the end of the Policy).
  2. If you are bringing an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) to campus, you must seek approval through UAF Disability Services prior to bringing the animal on campus.
  3. Email the following to
    1. A current Photo of the Animal
    2. Documentation showing the animal has been spayed/neutered
    3. Documentation showing the animal has a current rabies vaccine
  4. After you sign the Animal Policy, you will be asked to pay the animal deposit. (The animal deposit is waived for approved Emotional Support Animals).
  5. If you are unable to meet one or more of these requirements, please submit an Exception to Housing Agreement form found on your MyHousing Portal. You must wait for approval of the exception request before you bring the animal to your residence.
Only after all of these steps are complete, can you bring the animal to your on campus residence.


Residence Life offers efficiency apartments, 1-2-3 bedroom apartments,1-2-3 bedroom triplexes, and 2 bedroom duplexes. Please contact the Department of Residence Life Central Office to find out what units are available at the time of your application. Building preferences are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.

Review hall descriptions and floor plans

  • Efficiency Apartment within Harwood Hall (1 Occupant Only)
  • Shared Apartment within Garden and Cutler 501 (1 Occupant per room)
  • One-Bedroom Apartment within Harwood, Walsh, and Hess Village (1-2 Occupants)
  • One-Bedroom Apartment with optional Garage within Stuart (1-2 Occupants)
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment within Hess Village (1-4 Occupants, priority to those with children)
  • Three-Bedroom Apartment within Hess Village (1-6 Occupants, priority to those with children)
  • One-Bedroom Home with Garage on N Chandalar or Tanana (1-3 Occupants)
  • Two-Bedroom Home with Garage on N Chandalar or Tanana (1-4 Occupants, priority to those with children)
  • Three-Bedroom Home with Garage on N Chandalar (1-6 Occupants, priority to those with children)

Yes, when you apply, you are automatically placed on the waiting list for all the units you requested on your application. You can also stay on the waiting list until your preferred unit becomes available. You will receive an email with your wait list status. If you are a current EFG Housing resident and you'd like to be placed on the wait list for a different unit, please contact the EFG Housing Coordinator.

Room changes

  • Please be aware that while we do our best not to move residents after we assign them, a situation outside of our control may result in your assignment changing. Rooms with vacancies may be consolidated to ensure we use our housing space efficiently.
  • If you did not get assigned your preferred room type, you can be added to our internal waitlist. Please contact the EFG Housing Coordinator to be added to this list.

Meal plans are optional for EFG Housing residents but may fit your needs.

  • There are specific meal plans for Employees!
  • You can order groceries on campus through the Chartwells Market!
  • Review the meal plan options
  • Although meal plans are chosen through the housing website, please direct all meal plan questions to Dining Services at 907-474-6661 or email

Yes, all units have assigned parking spaces unless you are in a Chandalar or Garden. Please note that parking is limited and you may have to park in guest parking. All residents are required to a parking pass through the Bursar's Office.

Rent is due on the first of each month. Rent will be posted two weeks prior to it being due. A late fee of $35.00 will be added to your rent for all payments made after the first business day of each month. Residents can make payments online, in person, wire transer or UA College Savings Plan. Find out more information about how to make payments through the Burser's Office.

Utilities such as heat, water, trash disposal, electricity, and wifi are included in billing.

Communication between housing and residents

  • All communication is through your preferred email account as designated on UAOnline!
  • We may also need to call you, please make sure you have your mobile phone designated on UAOnline. Please make sure you set up your voicemail to receive important messages.
  • Please provide us with your mobile carrier on your housing application if you want to receive any notices.

Certain types of pets are permitted including fish, small caged animals, dogs, and cats. Residents are limited to types and numbers of pets depending on the unit. Detailed information about pet policies can be found on in our pet policy. All pets must be registered with the Department of Residence Life.



All apartments are furnished. Furnishings vary from unit to unit, but you can expect a sofa, arm chair, dining table with four chairs, bed, bedroom dresser, a desk and chair and coffee table.

Yes, you can add any adult to your agreement as long as you do not exceed the occupancy limits for your unit. To request an additional adult, fill out the UAF Additional Adult Request Form on your MyHousing Portal. Each additional adult must complete a conviction disclosure before they will be approved to live in your unit.