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Do you want to plan and help out with fun events like Casino Night, Karaoke, Knowledge Bowl, or anything you can imagine? Do you want to build connections with residents and help make a difference on campus?

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The Residence Hall Association is made up of students like you. In fact, all on-campus residents are members of RHA! As an organization, RHA seeks to enhance the quality of the Residence Life experience and provide a cohesive voice for residents by addressing concerns of the on-campus population to Residence Life and other university administrators and organizations.

RHA is a platform for students to discuss concerns, plan social and educational events on campus, and organize philanthropic events to benefit on-campus residents and the greater Fairbanks community alike. Additionally, RHA can provide funds to residence halls for events or supplies for the community such as kitchen utensils and board games. (See our Funding Proposal Form)

RHA is not only a great place to meet friends; but as a hall representative or executive board member, you’ll have the opportunity to have your voice heard, contribute positively to your residential environment, and get involved in social, educational and community service events — all while expanding your resume!


The University of Alaska Fairbanks Residence Hall Association (RHA) participates in the Mission of the UAF Department of Residence Life. In that regard, RHA's purpose is threefold:
First, RHA will act as an advocate for resident interests; liaison between University Administration and the residents for the betterment of the residents; and provide an official voice through which resident student opinions may be expressed. 

Second, RHA supports student development, academic success, and personal achievement through robust programs, engaging leadership opportunities, and meaningful community service.

And third, RHA builds an intentional community that creates a sense of belongingness for resident students so that they can thrive in college and persist through graduation. 




Kenneth Carson

Kenneth Carson

Resident Director and Student Conduct Administrator






The following are some position-specific responsibilities executive officers are tasked with:

  1. All executive officers are expected to attend weekly RHA general assembly meetings. 
  2. All executive officers are expected to support and participate in RHA events and programs.
  3. President must commit 10 hours a week to RHA.
  4. Vice-Presidents must commit 5 hours a week to RHA.


The President is in charge of facilitating meetings and is expected to attend at least 80% of the meetings and events. The President is expected to act as an active manager of team members. The president is required to be available for 5 hours per week. The President is required to appoint members of RHA to other on campus organizations.


The Vice President is responsible for communicating with members about RHA meeting times and sending notes to members. If a member is unable to attend they must notify the Vice President and maintain communication with the President. In the event the President is unable to attend the meeting, the Vice President will facilitate the meeting. The Vice President is expected to attend at least 80% of meetings and events. The Vice President is responsible for connecting students with resources on campus. The Vice President is required to be available for 5 hours a week.


Secretary will be in charge of taking and having meeting notes easily accessible. The Secretary will have notes sent to the Vice President within an hour after the meeting. The Secretary will be responsible for preparing the agenda and providing the President a copy for approval at least 12 hours prior to the Executive Board Meeting. The RHA Social media will be run by the Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary will be in charge of all surveys. The Secretary is required to be available four office hours a week.


The Treasurer is responsible for knowing the balance of the account and having it easily accessible to other members. The Treasurer will be in charge of providing the Treasurer's report at each meeting. In the event the Secretary is unable to attend, the Treasurer will perform secretarial duties during the meetings. The treasurer will assist the Secretary in managing RHA Social Media. The Treasurer is required to be available 4 hours per week.

The Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator is responsible for planning and facilitating RHA Events. They will reserve facilities prior to the event and coordinate set up, clean up and the event volunteers. The Event Coordinator will provide a list of jobs needed for events prior to the event. Event Coordinator will be responsible for keeping event reports easily accessible for all members. Event reports will be made after each event during the next meeting. The Event Coordinator is required to be available 4 hours per week.

The Resident Assistant Mentor

The Resident Assistant Mentor will serve as a liaison between Residence Life and RHA. They will act as support for the Executive Board. In the event that the event’s coordinator is unavailable, the RAM will act as the Event’s coordinator. The Resident Assistant Mentor will be appointed by the executive board. The Resident Assistant Mentor will not have voting power but may attend executive board meetings.

Residence Hall Representative

Residence Hall Representatives will serve as liaison to the Executive Board. There will be a RH Rep elected from each residence hall. RH representatives will be responsible for hanging event flyers in their respective Residence Hall. Residence Hall representatives are required to come to executive meetings and have the power to vote on non-constitutional matters.



  • Full time UAF status (12 undergraduate/ 6 graduate credit hours per semester).
  • The Board is required to maintain a semester and cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5, including at time of application. After one semester of failing to meet academic performance standards, the Board will be placed on job probation. Two consecutive semesters of failing to meet academic performance standards will affect continued eligibility status. 
  • The RHA Executive Board must be willing to live on-campus.