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An atmospheric phenomenon commonly known as a sundog is visible above the traditional student-built ice arch on a cold March afternoon on the Fairbanks campus.



Alaskan Political Parties

Wildflowers blossom in June near the Nabesna Glacier in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve.
Alaska Democratic Party

"As Democrats, we tell our story through an Alaska lens; a story steeped in our rich tradition and driven by our shared values."

Alaska Republican Party

Our Country’s Last Frontier and America’s first line of defense. We’re working to keep Alaska strong and America great.

Alaska Green Party

"Greens support non-violence, social and economic justice, ecological wisdom and grassroots democracy."

Alaska Libertarian Party

"As Alaska Libertarians, we believe that individuals have the right to life, liberty and property."

Alaskan Independence Party

"The AIP is a pro-gun, pro-family, pro-life, pro-strict-interpretation constitution party."


News Sources from Around Alaska

Mt. Foraker, at 17,400 feet, is located just 14 miles southwest of Mt. McKinley Denali National Park and Preserve. It's the second highest peak in the Alaska Range, and third highest in North America.


Media at UAF

Blueberries fourish in mid-September in Denali National Park and Preserve.
UAF Sun Star

The mission of the Sun Star is to provide a consistent, trusted brand of news, opinion, and art that represents the interests and achievements of the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ student body. The Sun Star will provide opportunities for students to hone their skills in pitching stories, writing, editing, and review as well as in adopting best practices in their writing including journalistic ethics and writing standards.

KSUA 91.5 FM

KSUA 91.5 FM is a student-run radio station located in the Wood Center on UAF's Troth Yeddha' campus. As part of UAF Student Media it provides a platform for student voices and alternative music not regularly heard on local airwaves. KSUA also offers opportunities for students to gain real-world experience in live broadcasting, broadcast journalism, music, and running live events.