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 Bachelor's Degree Program


When you major in political science at UAF, you’ll learn to apply political knowledge to concrete human problems. You’ll have opportunities to take part in real-world learning experiences including internships, Model United Nations simulations and more. You’ll also benefit from close interactions with caring, dedicated faculty who bring diverse research expertise to the classroom.

The strong understanding of local, national and international politics you develop through this program will be an asset to you throughout your career. When you complete your bachelor’s degree, you’ll be ready for a range of exciting careers in education, media, politics and more, as well as graduate school opportunities.


Choose from five concentrations offered through the Political Science department:

American Politics

Our courses on American government examine the major institutions and processes that shape the U.S. policy and economy.

  • PS F301 American Presidency
  • PS F302 Congress and Public Policy
  • PS F303 Politics and the Judicial Process
  • PS F401 Political Behavior
  • PS F447 U.S. Environmental Politics

Public Law

Political science is the premier major for students desiring to go to law school and also prepares students for work in various fields of government.

  • PS F212 Introduction to Public Administration
  • PS F403 Public Policy
  • PS F435 Constitutional Law I: Federalism
  • PS F436 Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Liberties
  • PS F462 Alaska Government and Politics

International Politics

Courses in international relations examine different dimensions of global power, foreign policy, peace and security, terrorism, international law and organizations.

  • PS F221X International Politics
  • PS F304 International Security
  • PS F322 International Law and Organization
  • PS F323 International Political Economy
  • PS F437 United States Foreign Policy
  • PS F452 International Relations of the North
  • PS F454 International Law and the Environment

Comparative Politics

Comparative politics courses focus on the different ways in which governments form, function and transform by examining the experiences of countries throughout the world.

  • PS F201X Comparative Politics
  • PS F202 Democracy and Global Society
  • PS F450 Comparative Indigenous Rights and Policies
  • PS F458 Comparative Environmental Politics
  • PS F460 Government and Politics of Canada
  • PS/HIST F467 Political Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • PS F468 Government and Politics of Russia

Political Theory

The department also offers courses in political theory, with an emphasis on the history of Western political ideas from Plato to the writings of contemporary thinkers. These courses also present materials on the history of American political thought and examine the role of ideology in the modern world.

  • PS F314 Political Ideologies
  • PS F315 American Political Thought
  • PS/PHIL F411 Classical Political Theory
  • PS/PHIL F412 Modern Political Theory
  • PS F414 Contemporary Political Philosophy

Arctic Village

Featured Course

PS F456      Science, Technology and Politics      (s)
3 Credits

Offered As Demand Warrants

Relationship of science, technology and politics. Connections among scientific knowledge, technology, technological innovations, politics and power. Gender roles and the influence of Western science. Both historical and comparative aspects are included. Course is also available online.



Minor in Political Science

In addition to the Bachelor of Arts degree, the Department of Political Science at UAF also offers minors in law and society, environmental politics and political science.

Law and Society

This program helps students understand law in relationship to the larger society. It is based firmly on the view that the law is a rich humanistic tradition and study of legal ideas and institutions will promote sustained reflection on such fundamental concepts and values as equality, freedom, privacy, justice and human rights.

Environmental Politics

Political Science

Our political science minor is designed for students with an interest in politics who are majoring in another discipline.



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Graduate Degree Program


At the graduate level, departmental course offerings support the Arctic Politics and Policy Concentration for the Masters of Arts (M.A.) degree in Arctic and Northern Studies. See the UAF Arctic and Northern Studies website for more information on this degree. 


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Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies

Students work closely with their advisors and committee members to design a Ph.D. study program tailored to their interests with the expertise of the faculty at UAF. This interdisciplinary program provides flexibility to students with well-defined goals who do not fit into one of the established majors offered by the university. For example, a student could design a doctoral program focusing on political science and wilderness management.


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