Careers & Student Testimonials

Our students have used political science as the basis for further education in political science, interdisciplinary graduate study programs or in law school. Through their political science education, students will gain an in-depth understanding of how the law is created and applied, and how it changes over time. In addition to this substantive focus, students will learn about research methods and improve their ability to make an informed argument, which are essential to legal practice. Our majors have been admitted to the nation's top law schools including the University of Minnesota, Gonzaga University, Georgetown University and the University of California Berkeley.

After completing their education, our students have enjoyed careers in a variety of fields in the private and public spheres. Our graduates have gained employment as high school, college and university educators. Others have received employment in the media and the public relations sector, or in business at the state or national level. The study of political science has also prepared students for work in various fields of government. Alaska offers exciting job prospects for our graduates as managers in state and local governments and as legislators and legislative staff members. Many of our students also end up working outside Alaska in an array of different public and private sector jobs. Our graduates go on to make a sizable impact in their communities in Alaska and beyond. See some of their stories below: