Climate Scholars Program

The Political Science Department works closely with UAF Honors College regarding the Climate Scholars Program. This program allows students to learn about the challenge of global climate change through a practice-based, interdisciplinary curriculum. Political Science course offerings offer insight into why climate change has become perhaps the most significant global issue of our time. Why have some countries adopted climate change mitigation policies while others have not? What explains international cooperation (or the absence of it) regarding climate change? How does access to information influence individual preference formation regarding climate change? How are views about climate change shaped by existing political cleavages? Political science classes address these and many other questions regarding adaptation to and mitigation of climate change. Some of our relevant classes include:


  • PS F447 U.S. Environmental Politics
  • PS F454 International Law and the Environment
  • PS F455 Political Economy of the Global Environment
  • PS F458 Comparative Environmental Politics


For more information on the Climate Scholars Program, please see the program website here.