Export Control Policy

It is the policy of the university that all personnel, including faculty, staff, students, visiting scientists and scholars, post-doctoral fellows, and all other persons retained by or working at the university comply with all U.S. laws and regulations as they relate to university activities including all export control regulations. As an accredited U.S. academic institution, the vast majority of the university’s activities are shielded from export controls under the Fundamental ResearchEducational Information and Public Information Exclusions.

In order to qualify as Fundamental Research, research must be conducted freely and openly, with no restrictions on publication and no restrictions on the participation or access by foreign nationals. It is the university’s long-standing practice to pursue its teaching, research, and service missions in a free and open manner, allowing full participation in all educational and research opportunities by all foreign nationals and further, ensuring the unrestricted dissemination and sharing of research results with the global research community.

For more information see the UAF Export Controls Policy.