The Office of Research Integrity at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has arranged access for all researchers, staff, and students to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Human Subjects Research course material. This program provides the opportunity for UAF personnel engaged in research activities involving human participants to formally document their knowledge and understanding of basic ethical principles and the regulations governing research with human participants.

Registration Instructions


  1. Visit the CITI Homepage.
  2. Select the "New Users: Register Here" link.
  3. Select the "University of Alaska Fairbanks" as your Participating Institution and complete the rest of the registration information.

Select your course(s):

  1. When prompted to select a curriculum, in Question 1 select either "Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel" OR "Social Behavioral Research- Human Subjects"
    (Do NOT select Students in Research unless it has been assigned to you by a UAF course instructor. Note: This course is intended as a brief introduction and DOES NOT fulfill the IRB training requirement for research personnel.)
    * If you have previously completed an approved human subject research protections course, select it for Question 2. If you are unsure whether a course you have taken is approved, please contact the ORI.
  2. The Learner Menu will then display the course. Click “Enter” to begin. You do not have to finish all modules at one time; CITI saves your scores each time you submit answers so you can log out and resume later.

Contact the Office of Research Integrity (x7800) or e-mail the Research Integrity Administrator at if you have any questions or problems registering.

General Information

All members of the research team (anyone consenting participants, collecting participant data, or analyzing identifiable data), working on expedited or full review protocols must complete either the Biomedical or Social Behavioral course of the CITI training. Training requirements for exempt protocols are different in that only the PI (and student for student projects) must complete the CITI course.

There are several required modules and many optional modules. Optional modules are required depending on the specific research to be conducted (i.e. research involving children or prisoners). The time required will depend on your reading speed and familiarity with the material. Most people take 2-6 hours to complete the basic course. You must receive a cummulative score of 75% or greater to be certified. You may retake any quiz to improve your score.

Confused about training requirements? Check out the FAQ page (Personnel Training) or contact the Office of Research Integrity.

Training Records

Completion of the CITI training program is automatically recorded and can be verified by the UAF Office of Research Integrity.  For individuals who have selected UAF as their participating institution in their CITI profile, verification records are accessible to both the individual and the UAF Office of Research Integrity.  If you previously completed CITI courses while affiliated with another institution, you can allow the UAF ORI access to your records by logging into your CITI account and selecting the option to add an institutional affiliation. This will not remove your original institutional affiliation.

Other Training Sites 

These training programs are very informative and may be required by certain funding agencies; however, UAF has NOT approved these as substitutes for the CITI training program to fulfill your human subject protections education requirement.

  • Human Subjects Assurance Training: A three module tutorial, offered by the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP), providing the basics (no quizzes). Easy to review and fairly informative. A good starting point! Will issue a training certificate.

  • Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams: This is a nice tutorial made available by the National Cancer Institute, NIH. Brief quiz at the end of each section. Will issue a training certificate.