Animal Facilities

These pages cover a variety of topics specific to the UAF owned and operated animal facilities housing live vertebrates; these are areas dedicated to holding live vertebrates rather than satellite facilities approved for a specific research or teaching protocol.  The following is a list of the current UAF animal facilities:

  • Biological Research & Diagnostics (BiRD) Building
  • Robert G. White Large Animal Research Station (LARS)
  • Arctic Health Research Building, CFOS Fisheries Facility
  • Agriculture & Forestry Experiment Stations (AFES)
  • Lena Point, CFOS Fisheries Facility (Juneau)

These pages discuss general policies, practices, and requirements ONLY - be sure to check with the appropriate animal facility manager for specific procedures and locations. 

The information provided here is intended to introduce the topics that will be covered in more detail during the Animal Facility Orientation.  All personnel requiring access to a UAF animal facility located in Fairbanks must attend an orientation.  Attangements will be made for personnel working in UAF animal facilities in other locations on a case-by-case basis.  Contact ORI to schedule an Animal Facility Orientation.