Human Participants in Research

The primary focus of the Universities Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to protect the rights and welfare of people who agree to participate in UAF research projects and activities. An IRB is a federally required committee that is responsible for overseeing research involving human participants. The IRB is responsible for reviewing, prior to beginning, all research (no matter the funding source) involving human participants. This board ensures research participants welfare, rights and privacy is protected.  The IRB supports the design and conduct of sound research and has the authority to approve, disapprove, monitor, and require modifications in all research activities that fall within its administration as specified by both the federal regulations and institutional policy.


The IRB and Office of Research Integrity (ORI) work to fulfill the responsibility for overseeing research involving human participants by encouraging dialog between researchers and the community on issues related to the responsible and respectful conduct of research. All research projects that meet the definition of research with human participants are reviewed by applying the guidance set forth by the Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects Research, the Common Rule (45 CFR 46), and institutional policies.