Land Use Permits

The University of Alaska Fairbanks recognizes the rights of all landowners to control access to their own property; therefore, it is essential that university personnel obtain landowner permission prior to accessing any non-university lands. Obtaining this permission is the responsibility of the principal investigator or program leader. All land use agreements should be routed through the UA Land Management Office for institutional review and signature. 

University of Alaska Land Management
910 Yukon Drive, Suite 106
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775

Phone: 907-450-8133
Fax: 907-450-8131

The UAF Offices of Research Integrity and Sponsored Programs strongly recommend that landowner permission be obtained prior to proposal submission for externally funded research projects to avoid delays should the proposal be awarded.

Permission to access the property should be obtained in writing and carried by the person(s) accessing the property whenever possible.

The information provided on this site does not cover all possible land owners, but the available information has been grouped into the following landowner categories for your convenience:

If you have information on land use authorization procedures or landowner contact information that is not included here, but may be of use to other researchers please forward it to the Office of Research Integrity.

Alaska maps can be obtained from the following locations: