General Lab Safety Training

All personnel on an IBC Registration (protocol) must complete the Laboratory Safety and Introduction to Hazardous Waste Management training course prior to beginning work with biohazards (rDNA, genetically modified organisms, and infectious agents).  Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (EHSRM) website has information and links to training.  Introduction to Hazardous Waste Management is also offered in-person by EHSRM staff and unit chemical hygiene or safety officers.

Biological Safety Cabinet Training

The course material and quizzes are available through Blackboard.  Contact the Office of Research Integrity ( or 907-474-7800) if you need to be enrolled in the blackboard course.  You will need to provide your full name and UA username (email).  Everyone who will be using a biological safety cabinet as part of their work on an IBC registration must successfully complete this course.

Protocol Specific Training

Biosafety training at UAF is currently handled on an as needed basis so that it can be customized for the specific organisms and/or agents to be used.  Contact the UAF Biosafety Officer, Tracey Martinson, for more information.  General reference material is available on the Professional Standards section of this website.