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Our mission is to provide continuous, reliable, and innovative technological services and expertise with comprehensive training of current and emerging technologies to the Facilities Services Department in support of the University of Alaska.

Information Resources is responsible for providing computer, publishing and communications services to over 180 of our staff members as well as providing a web-based work order entry system for our university customers. In addition to supporting the standard office productivity software necessary for day-to-day operations, we support a large number of AutoCAD and specialized graphic and design software users for our Facilities Services design and engineering departments.

Facilities Services diversity requires use of multiple programs and databases, many of which are written and maintained by in-house staff. These include:

  • Active projects document review (APDR), design clarification and verification requests (DCVR), and project administration for the Division of Design and Construction (PADDC) 
  • Construction in progress (CIP) for Facilities Council and the Board of Regents
  • In-house work order and inventory management for the Division of Utilities
  • Plumbing inspections for the Division of Maintenance
  • Warehouse communication devices management and warehouse gas and paper order tracking for the Division of Operations
  • Facilities information (FSINFO)

Reports from the programs and databases are crucial to the efficient operation of the department. The various programs provide information and status of facilities, equipment, and utilities, future and current project scope, estimations, and costs, as well as space use survey. Some programs contain a message board interface for immediate and accurate sharing of information.

The computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) used at Facilities Services is AiM. The software and data is accessed through the web via web browser to an application service provider (ASP) in Pennsylvania. The AiM software uses a modular system to provide workflow and billing/accounting. Labor/timecard entry, vehicle rental and equipment usage, preventive maintenance inspection scheduling, shop stock and material charges related to the warehouse, accounts payable, inventory and purchasing systems are all related by central built-in accounting and billing functions. The AiM software interfaces with the UA Banner financial system to bill for services rendered.

Maintaining a stable environment and averting security threats while keeping pace with advancing technology is a perpetual challenge.