Welcome to UAF Process Improvement

As part of embracing continuous improvement, UAF institutionalized campus-wide process improvement efforts by creating the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in 2012. OMB is "home" to the UAF Process Improvement & Training (PIT) Crew. 

Since its inception, the PIT Crew has grown and expanded its toolbox to support the evolving needs of UAF departments and teams. The PIT Crew currently provides facilitation support focused on organizational process creation, process improvement and strategic planning. 

PIT Crew’s team of highly trained facilitators guide teams through:

  • Change conversations
  • Goal setting
  • Work flow mapping 
  • Implementation planning
  • Change management

The PIT Crew primary goals include supporting teams to:

  • Streamline processes from business to academics,
  • Reduce cost while providing high quality service,
  • Provide high quality, in-house process improvement and planning facilitation support,
  • Contribute the cross-departmental knowledge and skills of its members to the broader UAF community, and
  • Provide professional development opportunities for UAF team members.

PIT Crew-supported projects help UAF achieve its Strategic Planning Goals and Strategic Enrollment Plan as well as maintaining institutional accreditation.


Request PIT Crew Engagement

PIT Crew support begins with a conversation with the project sponsor or departmental leadership. Interested departments can start that conversation by filling out the intake form, or by contacting Amber Leytem (arleytem@alaska.edu, 907-474-5113).

You will be asked to provide a short description of the project, the desired timeline, and the identified project sponsor (the sponsor is the person ultimately responsible for the process, such as a director or vice chancellor).