Process Improvement

Improvement is best driven by the faculty, staff and administrators who know the work and understand stakeholder needs. In complex organizations, such as UAF, processes are often supported by multiple departments and governed by local, state, and federal policies. Frequently, it is difficult for a single person to see a process from start to finish and identify where changes should be made to radically improve process function and results. 

Using the comprehensive Process Advantage® facilitation approach developed by Professional Growth Systems, the PIT Crew helps cross-departmental teams understand current processes, identify opportunities for improvement, complete a radical process redesign, and manage the change implementation process to make their “new world" vision a reality. 

Process Advantage® consists of four phases of work:


Project sponsor(s) works with the PIT Crew to define the process needing improvement, describe current process performance issues and initiate data collection on the process.


The project team flowcharts the current process from beginning to end and identifies pain points. The team sets performance targets for the redesign effort and explores breakthrough concepts to radically improve the process. The team flowcharts a “new world” process that is designed to address the identified pain points and achieve new performance targets.

Implementation Planning

The project team creates a detailed action plan to implement the "new world" process. The team receives training to manage organizational transitions and their implementation plans using the Vision Navigation® project management software.

Change Implementation and Accountability

The project team begins work to bring the improved process to life. The PIT Crew provides accountability support to help the project team identify and resolve barriers or resistance to change.

In addition to improving existing processes, the PIT Crew also support teams who need to create and operationalize a new process. The PIT Crew will help your team design the new process and produce a high-level implementation plan to move your team quickly from ideas to action.