UAF Space Requests

UAF strives to use office, classroom and lab space as efficiently as possible. Programs that need additional space or a different configuration of space should first work with their deans/directors to identify space within that unit’s current space allocation.

If adequate space cannot be identified with a unit’s allocation, the program may submit a request to the UAF Space Planning Committee. Comprised of UAF executive officer, the provost, vice chancellors and the interim vice chancellor for facilities services, the committee will work to identify space that might be suitable.

The committee meets monthly on the third Wednesday. Requests should be received by 5 p.m. the Thursday before the meeting to be considered at that month’s meeting.

The Space Request Form should be used for:

  • Space movements or shifts;
  • Additional space needs; or
  • When the functional use of a space changes (for example, changing an office to a small meeting room, even when the space stays within the same department).

To submit a request, please complete this form.

Please note that identifying available and acceptable space may take some time, especially if other staff/programs need to move to accommodate a request.

If you are requesting changes to your program/department’s existing space that don’t change the function of the space, please use the Facilities Modification (FacMod) process. Examples can include needs for additional electrical outlets, installing equipment, painting, plumbing changes, ventilation, and other similar work. For more information about FacMods, visit Facilities Services website

For additional information, please email or call Brad Lobland at 474-5903.