Indigenous Language Map - Dena'ina

Nda'ich' q'u t'int'a?
How are you?

Dena'ina (Tanaina), the Athabascan language of the Cook Inlet area, has four dialects -- on the Kenai Peninsula, in Upper Inlet area above Anchorage, and in coastal and inland areas on the west side of Cook Inlet. Dena'ina is the only Alaska Athabascan language to be spoken in a coastal environment, and it is the only Alaska Athabascan language spoken on both sides of the Alaska Range.

I'm fine

James Kari has done extensive work on the language since 1972, including his edition with Alan Boraas of the collected writings of Peter Kalifornsky in 1991.

Common Expressions

chin'an thank you
shida my friend

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Dog Names

The words below are taken from the Nondalton Tanaina Noun Dictionary, compiled by Joan M. Tenenbaum.

chu beaver
chulyin raven
desna boss
hey winter
k'eyush (bear) cub
nini porcupine
shesh brown bear
shila flame
shtiya my strength

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