Welcome to the Department of Tribal Governance

At the Department of Tribal Governance, the heart of our mission

is to strengthen tribal sovereignty and leadership.

Central to our philosophy is the inter-connected relationship between tribal self-goverance and community wellbeing. 

Our courses and curriculum are designed and delivered in response to requests by tribal partners. We recognize, utilize, and uplift Indigenous ways of life and knowledge, and we often call upon tribal leaders, expert, and Elders to share their knowledge. We currently offer culturally-responsive place-based curriculum, trainings and workshops focused on:

    • Tribal governance and law

    • Tribal stewardship 

    • Tribal administration and management

    • Tribal policy and advocacy 

    • Tribal economies

Group portrait of Athabascan Chiefs adorned with traditional garments, and ornaments.
Group portrait of Athabascan Chiefs adorned with traditional garments and ornamentation. Names from left to right: Chief Alexander of Tolovana, Chief William of Tanana, Chief Thomas of Nenana, Paul Williams, Tanana; Chief Evan of Koschakat [Coskaket], Chief Charlie of Mintu [Minto], Chief Alexander William of Tanana.
UAF-1989-166-371, UAF-1989-166-384 & 385




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20 years serving tribal communities
In 2021, we celebrated our 20th anniversary of serving Alaska tribal governments.
In 2022, we grew from the Tribal Management program to the Department of Tribal Governance.

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