• Minto (Lower Tanana Athabascan) Consonants and Vowels


    To get further into this writing system, let us now sort the vowel and consonant symbols into three groups. The first is the group of symbols that are read almost exactly as we do in English. All these sounds happen to be consonants. These examples use particular words because English spelling is inconsistent.

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  • Dena'ina Qenaga Du'idnaghelnik

    (Dena'ina Words Sound Pretty)

    This collection of Dena'ina phrases and expressions was compiled for the learners of the Dena'ina language.  Audio of Gladys Evanoff and Alex Balluta is now available online to help learners to listen to the words.

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  • Research related to CoLang 2016

    The project aims to be a teaching and learning tool for those working to revitalize the Unangam Tunuu language in their communities.  
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  • Tanacross Learners' Dictionary

    The Tanacross Learner's Dictionary is intended as a reference for anyone wanting to learn the spoken Tanacross language. The subject matter and the level of complexity are varied enough to make the dictionary a useful resource for a wide range of users, from people who know nothing of the language to people...
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  • The Sounds of Tanacross

    The idea for this project grew out of our experience learning Tanacross language in both informal and classroom settings. While it was possible to record speakers and listen to recordings outside of class time, we found the recordings to be a poor substitute for actually watching the speaker's...
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