Staff awards

Wood Center annually recognizes student and professional staff. These awards include:

Student awards

Each spring, the Student-Faculty Awards Committee solicits nominations for the annual Outstanding Graduating Student Awards.  Traditionally, these awards were awarded each to an outstanding graduating woman, man, and non-traditional student. 

In 2018, the Student-Faculty Awards Committee reviewed the original spirit and purpose of each award, researched the achievements and contributions of Marion Boswell, Joel Wiegert, and Gray Tilly, and discussed at length several ways to continue honoring their legacy at UAF.  The Awards Committee agreed that the best way to achieve this goal is to allow the most qualified person to receive their respective award, regardless of gender identification.

As such, the new awards are as follows:

  • Marion Frances Boswell Memorial Award, Outstanding Bachelor Degree Candidate
  • Joel Wiegert Award, Outstanding Associate Degree Candidate
  • Gray Tilly Memorial Award, Outstanding Graduating Non-Traditional Student

The criteria used by the committee in the selection of the award recipients are:

Other student awards