Cody Rogers Director 907-474-6026
Heidi Shepard Associate Director of SLI 907-474-1959
Michael Willis Pub Manager 907-474-7805
John Renfro Jr Fiscal Tech 907-474-7037
Ryan Keele Building Manager 907-474-7865

About the Wood Center staff

John Renfro Jr

Michael Willis

Ryan Keele

Ryan Keele

Building Manager


Ryan began working for Wood Center as a student employee in the early 2000's, spent two years working at the UAF Office of the Bursar as the Office Manager. He welcomes feedback about the facility and always ready to lend a helping hand.

Heidi Shepard

Heidi Shepard

Student Involvement Coordinator for the Student Leadership and Involvement Office


Heidi is a valuable asset to the Wood Center. Returning to the office she worked in as a student Heidi. Resourceful, knowledgable, and always willing to help Heidi is also a personal trainer so watch out! Don't worry, she's very nice.

Cody Rogers

Cody Rogers

Director of Wood Center


Cody joined the Wood Center staff in September of 2008 and hit the ground running. She completed her Masters in Student Affairs at Western Washington University in August of 2008, and her undergraduate degree from UAF in 2007. Cody spends her free time playing with her two dogs, cooking, and quilting.