Solicitation policy

University of Alaska Fairbanks Policy on Campus Access for Non-Commercial Solicitation by Private Individuals or Organizations

As a center for learning, the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) desires to foster public awareness in a wide range of areas.  In furtherance of this objective, UAF establishes this policy to provide guidelines for the free exchange of ideas within the UAF community and on UAF property. 

UAF reserves the right, and has the responsibility, to determine the Time, Place, and Manner of any activity on or within UAF property, and to prohibit or cancel events/activities. No activity will be scheduled/approved on campus, which in UAF's judgment evidences a clear likelihood of disrupting campus operations, interfering with the rights of others, or the destruction of property. All persons on the property of UAF have the obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with UAF’s responsibilities as an educational institution. All persons are expected to comply with all federal and state laws, the Board of Regents policies and regulations, and the policies of UAF.

Private individuals or organizations desiring campus access for non-commercial solicitation activities, including in-person distribution of printed materials and/or in-person advocacy of a cause/belief, must register in person with the UAF Scheduling Office. The office is located in the William R. Wood Center . 


In-person solicitation activities, including distribution of printed materials and/or advocacy of a cause/belief, is limited to exterior areas as approved by UAF. Solicitation activities may in no way impede or hinder pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic  Note: Solicitation may be permitted in William R. Wood Center and Residence Halls as delineated below:


A table on the mall level of the building or outside the north or south entrance will be made available under Time, Place and Manner conditions as determined by UAF. Solicitation activities must remain at the table  


For the protection and privacy of residents and to prevent the interruption of studies, no door-to-door activity or public area solicitation for any purpose unrelated to the management of the residential building is allowed without prior consent of the Resident Director or Manager.

Generally, consent will only be granted if the following questions can be answered in the affirmative:

Is the solicitation request from a UAF student, faculty, or staff?

Is the solicitation being done in the non-commercial interest of getting residents more involved  in UAF affiliated programs and activities?

Does the “plan to solicit residents” harmonize with the UAF Residence Life Mission Statement?

Solicitation can be defined as an uninvited attempt to make contact with a student in the residential communities for the purpose of trying to convince the resident to:

  1. Endorse an idea or person (e.g. political candidate, recycling, religious belief)
  2. Purchase an item (e.g. T-shirt, credit card, button) or ticket to an event (sometimes with a built-in fund-raising component)
  3. Join a club or organization

Handbills, leaflets, pamphlets and similar materials may always be left with the Resident Director for posting on residential bulletin boards.


Posting of printed materials will be allowed on bulletin boards and other surfaces as designated by UAF. Handbills, leaflets, pamphlets and other similar materials shall not be placed on vehicles parked on UAF property.