Staff awards and archives

Carol Brown Outstanding Student Employee

Carol Brown was the Assistant Director to Wood Center until her untimely death in November of 1991. Carol began working as a Student Activities personal secretary at UAF in 1965. Since there was no director at that time, Carol was Student Activities. She carried out all the duties from greeting students to pitching in on special events. Carol received many awards and promotions during her 26 years at UAF. She was deeply committed to her job and she was someone who all students respected and looked up to. Success of students while in school and at work was what Carol cared most about thus it seems fitting to name this program after her.


Year Name
2013-2014 Gage Schaack
2012-2013 Heidi Shepard
2011-2012 Murial Berg
2010-2011 Kelley Ryan
2009-2010 Kari Pile
2008-2009 Lizzy Eddy
2007-2008 Donald Crocker
2006-2007 Heather Kraemer
Spring 2006 Ryan Keele
Fall 2005 Murray Langdoc
Fall 2005 Cody Rogers
Spring2005 Jess Johnson
Fall 2004 Kari Lovett
Fall 2004 The Pub Staff
Spring 2004 Walter Kookesh
Fall 2003 Jackie Smith
Spring 2003 Jeremy Johnson
Spring 2003 Darcy Olesen
Fall 2002 Sara Speziale
Spring 2002 Feather Hilger
Fall 2001 Scott Ayers
Spring 2001 Justin Zimmerman
Spring 2001 Glenn Wright
Fall 2000 Chris Gonzalez
Fall 2000 Emily Lawson
Spring 2000 Angel Stephen
Fall 1999 Labor Crew
1999 Sheri Schwarting
1998 Jennifer Alkezweeny

Awarded by the Director of Wood Center at the end of the academic year to a student that displays a spirit of enthusiasm towards his or her job, shows passion and commitment for what they do and shows an interest in entering the student union or student services profession.

Year Name
2012-2013 Juan Cruz
2011-2012 Robert Kinnard
2010-2011 Dabric Baxter
2009-2010 Casey Ginley
2008-2009 Ashton Compton
2007-2008 Kayla Hill
2006-2007 Cody Rogers


Student recognition awards

Time period Employee Position
February 2015 Dani Atkins Student Activities Assistan
January 2015 Danny Fisher Graphic Designer
December 2014 Haley Nelson Pub Supervisor
October 2014 Jared Conrad LIVE Student Org. Assistant
October 2014 Tiffany Lamken Scheduling Assistant
September 2014 Allie Bateman Student Activities Assistant
April 2013 Sierra Luke Front Desk Supervisor
March 2013 Carly Gray Graphic Designer
February 2013 Lauren Cavanagh Scheduling Assistant
February 2013 Juan Cruz Student Activities Assistant
Dec 2012 / Jan 2013 Jimmy Beverage Laborer
November 2012 David Martinson Pub Supervisor
October 2012 Levi Barsis Laborer
Summer 2012 Alexandra Roberts Orientation Assistan
Summer 2012 Michael Willis Volunteer Program Assistant
April 2012 Kris Seidl Front Desk Attendant
March 2012 Sam Smith Pub Supervisor
February 2012 Murial Berg Student Activities Assistant
January 2012 Marchelle Renner Front Desk Supervisor
November 2011 Tay Chairat LIVE Media/Web Assistant
October 2011 Kiba Barbier Front Desk Supervisor
September 2011 Kelley Ryan Volunteer Program Assistant
April 2011 SAO Staff Student Activities Office
March 2011 Dabric Baxter Front Desk Attendant
February 2011 Justin Renner Pinchaser
Dec 2010 / Jan 2011 Jason Theis Laborer
November 2010 Ryan Bateman Student Activities Assistant
October 2010 Heidi Shepard Leadership Program Assistant
September 2010 Ian Pearce Laborer

W. Ronald Keyes Staff Recognition

W. Ronald Keyes was the Director of Wood Center from July 1972 to July 2001. Ron was committed to personal and professional growth of staff. He constantly challenged staff to think outside the box, to provide excellent customer service no matter what, and to believe in themselves.

Information to come.

ASUAF Award for Outstanding Faculty and Staff

The Associated Students of UAF Award for Outstanding Faculty and Staff is selected by students and awarded to the faculty and staff members who have made the most significant contributions to students.

  • Kaydee Van Flein, UAF conduct coordinator and operations manager
  • Sherri Wall, economics instructor and faculty advisor for two student groups, Students Who Enjoy Economic Thinking and Students in Free Enterprise