Advertising policies

General Banner Policies

Displaying banners in Wood Center is limited to student organizations and UAF departments (including UAF contractors such as Chartwells, the bookstore, and the barber shop).

All requests to display banners in Wood Center must be arranged through the Scheduling Office. Please submit your Graphics Work Order Form online and call the Scheduling Office for approval. Banners are rarely denied but may not be hung directly after completion unless arrangements are made.

Wood Center reserves the right to decide time, place, location, orientation, and content for any displayed banners; any exceptions to these guidelines will be made by the Event Services Coordinator or a designee.

Banners (with the exception of “non-dated banners”) must announce a special event, meeting, or a service; event banners must include the date and the time of the event and service banners must specify a time period.

Each banner must identify the sponsoring student organization or department.

Banners are only saved if stated on the original request. Any “saved” banner not picked up after 10 days will be destroyed. Users should note that tears could occur when banners are removed, and Wood Center will not be responsible for any damage to these banners.


Horizontal Banners

Above general policies must be adhered to.

Banner maximum length is 16 ft.

Available areas are:


Vertical Banners

Above general policies must be adhered to.

Banner maximum length is 12 ft.

Available areas are:

  • Stairway To Nowhere (North Side)

Non-Date Specific Banners (General Informational Banner)

Above general policies must be adhered to.

The West sidewall of the first floor of Wood Center (above the front desk) will be reserved primarily for non-date-specific banners.

This space will be limited to one banner per organization.

Banners in this area can hang longer than the normal 2-week timeline but will be removed if additional horizontal space is needed; if banners are removed due to space conflict, the remaining non-date specific banners will be rotated until all of these banners can once again be accommodated in the space. Wood Center programs are exempt from the time limit policy.

Non-date specific banners must have the sponsoring organization prominently displayed on the banner.

Display Board Policy

The 3 tiered display boards are for UAF departments, clubs, sponsored events, or other information directly related to campus or Wood Center. Material must be given to the Scheduling Office and undated posters will remain up until the space is needed for a dated event or newer undated poster. Posters that are displayed in the stands without approval will be removed and disposed of. Flyers or posters taped to the display boards will be disposed of. Improper/unauthorized use of the display boards may result in a group or club losing posting privileges within Wood Center. Acceptable size for the display boards is 22" x 28".

Flyers and Pamphlets Posting Policy

All posted material shall be date posted with the exception of flyers and pamphlets specifying a specific date of an event.

Announcements can be posted for two weeks. Wood Center programs are exempt from this time limitation.

One posting per designated area.

Posting must be removed after the date of the event. Removal of the posting is the responsibility of the “poster”.

Posting cannot be done over existing notices. Only Wood Center staff and poster sponsors are allowed to remove posters.

Maximum size for items posted on bulletin boards shall be 12”x 24”.

Absolutely no posting shall be done on painted or finished surfaces. Thumbtacks and staples are to be used only on bulletin boards.

No materials shall be posted on glass panels or glass doors.

Any questionable announcements, for reasons of composition, obscenity, size or special consideration, shall be referred to the Director or Associate Directors of Wood Center.

Postings by private individuals or organizations will be limited to advertisement for meetings and performances, no political advertising will be permitted.

Violation of any of the aforementioned guidelines shall result in forfeiture of the right to post further notices.

No commercial announcements in the form of an advertisement or referencing a specific product may be posted.

There are designated areas for certain types of announcements, i.e., housing, ride boards, ASUAF events, and items for sale.

Approved flyers and pamphlets may be placed on the lower counter next to the front desk. Only one flyer per organization is allowed due when space is limited. Flyers do not have to be date specific but are limited to a two-week span when space is limited.

Wood Center reserves the right to remove all improperly posted materials.

Chalking Policy

Sidewalk chalking is permitted in order to promote the activities and events of student groups and organizations formally associated with the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Student organizations choosing to utilize this method of communication must obtain an approval form from the Scheduling Office in Wood Center prior to chalking. Chalking by individuals or outside groups is not permitted.

Chalking is permitted on concrete outdoor sidewalks in the following places:

  • South and north entrance of Wood Center 10ft from the entrances.
  • Sidewalk on the south side of Yukon Drive (closest to Wood Center) between Wood Center and MBS.
  • Constitution Park within 10' of raised concrete wall.

Chalking is also permitted on sidewalks in the residential communities in accordance with policies established thru the Office of Residence Life. Contact Res Life for more information prior to chalking.

Chalking is not permitted on any other campus sidewalks, on any vertical surfaces, on any buildings or walls not covered above. Only water-soluble chalk may be used. Chalking must be removed no more than 3 days after the event. Removal of chalking is the responsibility of the organization. If it is not removed in a timely manner, the organization is subject to a removal fee or a possible loss of future privileges.

Violations of the location restrictions noted above or the defacing or erasing of approved chalking is cause for offenders to be subject to university disciplinary sanctions. To report concerns or violations of this policy, please contact the Scheduling Office located in Wood Center.