Congratulations for choosing to conduct a raffle on campus!

A raffle is an excellent way to raise funds for your club or organization. It does take some planning and coordination, so please read the following prior to starting a raffle:

  • Contact Jen Peterman at the Wood Center,  jlpeterman@alaska.edu or 474-5943 .
  • Raffle request submissions MUST be submitted at least two weeks before you hope to begin selling tickets.
    • It can take up to two weeks to review, approve, and set up raffles. Plan Accordingly.
  • A raffle requires that someone in your organization have a good handle on who’s selling the tickets, how the money is deposited and to collect and save the receipts.
  • The State of Alaska requires a separate account set up for all raffle activity. This is a separate account from your permanent club account that you currently use.
    • The separate accounting information is only provided upon approval of the permit request.
  • No raffle purchases should be made until the request is approved and the accounting information is provided.

The following information is provided in an effort to assist your organization in the successful use of the University's permit for "Games of Chance & Skill”.

Approval process

Contact Jennifer Peterman at the Wood Center, jlpeterman@alaska.edu or 907-474-5943.

Form 1, “Permit for Games of Chance and Skill” includes the following:

  • An outline of the procedures for your program including the date of prize drawing(s), and the intended deposition of net revenue.
  • The date(s) of your program.
  • An itemized budget which includes projected gross revenue and expenses (including a 2% accounting fee). Think about your target revenue, how many tickets you would like to sell and what your expenses will be (printing raffle tickets, accounting fee, prizes, etc.).
  • The List of your prizes, the cost of those prizes, and if they were bought or donated.
    • Prizes to be purchased must be considered in your expense budget.
  • You will need to design your raffle tickets. Ticket stubs cannot be used.
  • Must be sequentially numbers (Ticket 1, Ticket 2, Ticket 3, etc.)
  • Must have your organization's name
  • Must have the permit number listed
    • Permit number will be provided upon approval.
  • Must have a list of all prizes,
  • Must have the date, time, and location of the prize drawing printed on them.
  • Must also have pre-printed spaces for the name, address, and phone number of the ticket purchaser.
  • All tickets for raffles which have one or more prizes with a value of $600 or greater must have the following statement printed on each ticket:
    • "A 1099 will be issued to the winner of a prize with a value of $600 or greater"
  • The name, address, and telephone number of the person from your organization in charge of the program.
  • To get your raffle approved, you must turn in:
    • Form 1
    • A sample of the raffle ticket
    • The prize list.
  • Once these documents are turned, you will be contacted when the raffle is approved.
    • May take a week or two to process approval.
    • The Fund/Org/Activity Code ;you must charge/deposit to will be provided at this point.
  • Only after approval can you print and begin selling your tickets or make other purchases.

No raffle purchases should be made until the request is approved and the accounting information is provided.

Raffle requests WILL NOT be approved if all of the required documents and information are not provided.

After Approval

  • After approval you will receive the permit number to put on your tickets.
  • You may print and begin selling tickets.
  • Can be sold one on one, however, if you would like to sell raffle tickets in a public space, like Fred Meyers, you must have the permit present and on display.

Physical Permit Copy

  • When your raffle is approved, you can pick up a physical copy of the UAF Permit from Jennifer Peterman at Wood Center.

If you are selling in a public place you must have the permit present and on display.

On the day of drawing you must have the permit present and on display.

You must collect names, addresses, and social security numbers or UA ID from the winners.

  • Please make sure they know this.
  • If they do not want to give you this information, they may not collect the prize.
  • It might be helpful to identify one person from your club to help with this.

After the raffle

Within two (2) weeks after the drawing or conclusion of your program, please submit the following back to Jennifer Peterman:

  1. The final budget for the program (Form 4).
  2. Signed receipts that the prized were accepted by the winners (Forms 2 and 3)
  3. Copies of the deposit receipts for all revenue.
  4. Expense receipts/invoices for all expenses.
  5. An actual ticket as printed.
  6. The permit copy.

Failure to turn in all of the required information in the two week time period can result in a loss of ability use permit in the future.


When the raffle is reconciled and approved, an internal journal voucher will be completed and you can expect to see the raffle proceeds in your club account in approximately 2-4 weeks. In special cases, a check will be more appropriate.

Note: State Law requires that the net revenue earned from use of the permit be expended within one (1) year after conclusion of your program for the purpose as approved prior to permit use. A reporting form will be provided, if necessary, to your organization for this report.