Building policies

I. General Use Policy Statement

Subject to the limitations of Section IV, William R. Wood Center is open for use to University of Alaska students, faculty, staff, alumni, and spouses of the aforementioned. Building usage is subject to the Board of Regents policies, and the University of Alaska campus Bulletin 1972-1973-1, dated May 1, 1973, pertaining to the use of university facilities. Use privileges will be extended to to other individuals per the following criteria *:

An individual who is the personal guest of, and in the presence of, a responsible person from one of the groups noted above.

An individual attending a function/program in the facility, which is open to groups other than those, noted above.

Members of special groups, which are recommended on a continuous basis and approved by the Director of Wood Center to use the facilities; generally public relations and University related functions.

* Subject to the limitations in Section IV, the following use activities are permitted in individuals other than those noted in Section I:

Individuals traversing through the building en-route to other locations.

Students waiting in the lobby for school busses during inclement weather.

II. High School Students

High school students are welcome at the University of Alaska Fairbanks for many events and activities that are open to the general public or that are sponsored by UAF. Activities such as dances, films, or other such types of activities are restricted from high school students.

III. Children in the Building

We discourage children being in the building unless in the presence of an adult. The building services, facilities, and atmosphere are not designed for children. Several areas are unsafe for children. It is our policy to ask all unattended children to leave. In the case of a very young unattended child we will ask for the assistance of the local juvenile authorities.

IV. Wood Center Staff Rights

The Wood Center staff reserves the right to ask individuals in the building for identification and a statement of their business at any time and to expedite removal of those found in violation of the previously stated policies.The staff reserves the right to suspend the privilege of using the facilities in order to protect life, property, or order, or to enforce University policy, or to ensure proper use of the facility by others. Violation of this building use policy may be referred to the Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability.