Media relations

At UAF stories are everywhere and our faculty, staff and students are accessible. Whether you need a response on a breaking story, a scientist to interview as an expert source or are looking for story ideas, our team is available to assist members of the media. Contact one of our campus public information officers (PIO) to get started.


UAF news releases and feature stories

Visit UAF's online news and information website to browse news releases and feature stories. If you are interested in receiving UAF news releases, sign up for our email list.


Need an expert?

From climate change to Native languages to Arctic policy, our researchers and professors are a great source of expert information for your stories. Visit our Experts Guide or our list of campus PIOs, or contact us directly to get started.


Guidelines for shooting photos or videos on campus:

Commercial production companies shooting films, television programs or advertisements: We can help you too. Contact us to get started.‚Äč

No formal agreements or interaction with the university are required. People can film/photograph and share at will, as long as it's not prohibited by law. (For example, law enforcement might prevent photos of a crime scene.)

No written agreements are required, other than in some special circumstances, such as remote field sites. Staff and faculty members should inform the UAF PIO and/or unit PIO in advance that media will be covering something in their area. If advance notice isn't possible, an after-the-fact email is good too. University employees or students who want assistance working with the media can contact their unit's PIO or UAF public affairs.

A location agreement and on-camera releases are required. Depending on the nature of the program and the shoot, a location fee and location manager (usually someone from University Relations or the PIO team) may be required. The agreements are managed through the public affairs office. Production companies should allow at least a week to negotiate and finalize location agreements. The standard location fee is $1,000 per eight-hour day, $500 for a half-day and $250 for a quarter day. An hourly fee of $150 per hour is available for very short shoots or those in excess of eight hours. Location fees can be waived in full or in part if participation in the shoot helps advance the university's mission