University Relations strategizes, plans and implements small-to-large scale activities on and off campus to engage and create memorable experiences for our UAF faculty, staff, students and stakeholders.

Some of the events University Relations manages include commencement, Golden Days, the chancellor's holiday gathering, Sparktacular, convocation and the Tanana Valley State Fair. We work closely with departments and with others in the community to maximize event coordination and outreach opportunities. We also offer support and guidance to the campus community answering protocol questions and providing resources to ensure a successful event. We provide many volunteer opportunities for those who want to be involved. Give us a call!


Getting started

Whether you are planning an hour-long lecture or a five-day conference, the starting points for both are the same. Asking yourself the following questions will help you to plan a successful event.


You'll need to someone to plan your event and serve as the point of contact. Coordinators are responsible for overall event planning as well the timeline of tasks and other details to help plan the event and ensure the event goes smoothly. If you have any questions or need help planning your event, call 907-474-2747 or email

University Relations oversees the management of UAF institutional events and is also the point of contact for community groups holding events on campus. You may find it helpful to schedule an event-planning consultation before getting started. We offer:

A successful event has a clear and concise purpose that plays a role in planning each part of the event. What are you trying to accomplish? Keep your goal very specific to help you keep your event planning on track.

  • What kind of experience do you want your guests to have?
  • What environment/ambience do you want to achieve?
  • What do you want your guests to take away from your event?
  • Who would you like to attend your event?

While you might want the entire community to be aware of your event, there are probably specific groups of people whose interests make them your target audience. The more specific you are with your audience, the more successful you will be. Knowing your audience should also help with determining an appropriate venue, the look of the event and the communication pieces you'll need.

More than 800 events are held on the Fairbanks campus each year. Venues are limited so it's important to find a location before you finalize the date. Consider your proposed event time with other large university events so your audience does not have to choose between them. Check the UAF events calendar and academic calendar before finalizing your date. You should also consider community events that may compete with your event for attendance. Explore Fairbanks and the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce both have community events calendars.

Not every venue is appropriate for every event. Keep in mind the message you want your guests to take away from the event and the feeling you want them to have. Having a formal event in a casual venue or having a casual event in a formal venue can confuse your message. How many people do you expect? The venue you choose should be large enough for your guests but not too large, which could make your event appear disorganized.

Schedule indoor space in 25 Live, you can upload any required mitigation plans and other documents there too. For outdoor spaces, please fill out the event form.

Follow this checklist (PDF) to make your events more accessible. 

There are costs associated with all events. Creating an accurate budget that includes all costs is a critical step in planning successful events. The following are the most common costs associated with events:

  • printing (invitations, envelopes, flyers, etc.)
  • postage (for print invitations)
  • advertising
  • room rentals
  • set-up charges
  • food and drink
  • parking
  • event insurance
  • webcasting and other audio visual needs
  • required security
Events, meetings and other functions (i.e., fundraiser, potlucks, bake sales, etc.) that provide food and/or beverage services must use Chartwells/UAF Catering, or request a waiver by filling out a request for a food waiver from UAF Dining Services and Contract Operations. 
The sale and dispensing of alcohol beverages is regulated by the state Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office (AMCO). Under UAF's Alcohol Policy, event planners must request approval to serve alcohol by filling out an Alcohol Beverage application form(pdf) at any UAF event or event held at a UAF facility must be obtained prior to the event. The process can take up to two weeks AFTER the form is submitted.
Visit the catering and alcohol website for more information. 

Public events are gatherings or competitions with non-university staff, faculty or students participating in them. All public events on the Fairbanks campus need to be submitted to and approved by the UAF Events Committee through the UAF events request form.

The Events Committee includes representatives from university departments who support events and work together when there are issues with multiple events happening on campus at the same time. All members of the Events Committee receive a copy of the form so it's not necessary to contact each committee member individually. Events are approved once the team determines the event can be held safely and with the level of support from the committee needed for success.

Members of the Events Committee work closely with event planners and are available throughout the event planning process to provide assistance as needed. The committee includes staff from the following departments: Dining Services; Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management; Facilities Services; University Relations; UAF Police and the University Fire Department.

Use the UAF event calendar submission form to submit your event to the UAF events calendar. You will also be able to request that an event be included in Cornerstone.


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